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Before we talk about Hypnotherapy in Bali, let me explain about hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is becoming a trend right now because this healing technique has a lot of benefits, especially for psychological health. If we are talking about Hypnotherapy, maybe most of us will think that it is about to hypnotize. Where it will be related to the criminal case. In fact, it is not completely like that. You can reject when you will be hypnotized. What I mean here is that in a hypnotherapy session, a willingness from the participant, becomes a really important factor to make the hypnotherapy session is successful or not. The question is that, is it effective to do the Hypnotherapy technique

The Definition of Hypnotherapy in Bali

Before we discuss further about Hypnotherapy in Bali, I will explain the definition of hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy that uses the Hypnotic technique where someone’s consciousness can be changed.

Meanwhile, Hypnotism is a subconscious stimulation to make someone easier to be directed and lost his power to react. With this Hypnotic state someone is able to change his long term habit. Some scientists do not agree with how hypnosis works, but in fact, in many cases, Hypnosis is successful to do.

Basically, Hypnotherapy takes the concept of Hypnotism, but it is not 100% Hypnotism. It is done in a smoother way and better way to create a positive effect for the patient. That is why hypnotherapy can be done to overcome several problems or conditions related to someone’s life. What are those conditions?

Here are some of those conditions:

  • Worry
  • Chronic illness
  • Difficult to concentrate
  • Desire to not smoking
  • Rolling teeth
  • Obesity
  • Stressful feeling and many more again

You can come to the Hypnotherapist and tell about your problem to him/her.

Common Stages for Hypnotherapy in Bali

The session of Hypnotherapy will be well done by a hypnotherapist who is professional doing Hypnotherapy in Bali. Hypnotherapy usually consists of several stages so that this therapy can be done properly. It is because Hypnotherapy cannot be done directly like magic. You need several times and steps to create a successful and effective Hypnotherapy session.

Here are the common stages used in the Hypnotherapy technique:

  1. Pre-Talk Stage
    At this early stage, the therapist will gather information about you, including your bad habits, traumas, or depression. Be honest about yourself and everything happening in your life. That’s the most important thing at this stage. Don’t be shy or scared to describe yourself and what happened in the past. To make the Hypnotherapy is done successfully, you must have a willingness to do the process together with the therapist.
  2. SWOT Analyze
    SWOT is the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. This is the step where you need to know about yourself and know the things that become your weakness and strength. These factors can make you sure to change into a more positive one. You should also be aware of the opportunities and threats you may encounter. Those threats can be a condition where you are not focusing on your aim or too easy to give up.
  3. Pre-Induction Stage
    The third stage is the pre-induction stage. In this case, suggest will be started to make, and it is prepared to affect the subconscious. If you want to be successful, you have to be sure. If you are in doubt, the risk of failure will be even greater. Some people are concerned about the therapy method, which may affect its effectiveness.
  4. The Induction Stage
    Patients will be brought from being awake to a half-asleep state during this process, transitioning from alpha waves to theta waves in the brain. At this condition, patients will feel a little bit sleepy, relax, but still conscious. Suggestions will be really easy to give at this condition. The Induction stage also becomes the key to a successful Hypnotherapy. When someone is not in his theta condition, his brain will still think so that the suggestion is harder to give.
  5. Hypnotic Stage
    The fifth stage that you will have is the Hypnotize stage. At this stage someone is started to be added by suggestion. Your body condition will be so light and 50% sleepy, but you are not completely falling asleep. Therapists usually give suggestions one by one instead of all at once to ensure effectiveness. The most important thing about this stage is that you may not fall asleep because it will make the suggestion harder to give and work.
  6. Posthypnotic suggestion
    A suggestion will always be given even after hypnotizing was done. The aim of this stage is to make a patient have the right habit as it is hoped. Here’s an example of a suggestion: “Start by looking in the mirror, and you will feel great and awesome.” Just hear the suggestion and feel relaxed so that the suggestion will have a great effect to you.
  7. Termination Stage
    We can say that it is the last stage of Hypnotherapy. At this stage, the hypnotherapy process can be done. You will be brought to your consciousness, but for sure you will not be awakened directly. There will be some words that the therapist will say to awaken you. They will say it slowly with the positive suggestion so that you can have a better quality after you awake.

Here are the stages of the hypnotherapy process. The key is to enjoy each step and listen to the Bali hypnotherapist. The stages that are used in several hypnotherapy services in Bali can be varied and different. However, basically those are the common stages that are used for therapy.

Are there any Hypnotherapists in Bali?

Are you looking for hypnotherapy in Bali?

You will get the right one as long as you detail about it. In fact, finding the hypnotherapy in Bali service is easier than in the other towns. One of the best Hypnotherapy in Bali is Wiweka Healing.

It’s not just hypnotherapy; it also includes Balinese Spiritual Healing, Intention Healing, Spiritual Guidance, Prana, Massage, Life Force Re-activation, and the Metaphysical Approach. They are based on the popular TRI HITA KARANA, a Balinese concept to improve someone’s way and quality of life.

Healing refers to the relief from emotional distress and recovery from an injury or disease, enabling someone to regain better health. However, what is the meaning of Tri Hita Karana?

Tri Hita Karana is a popular Balinese Hindu concept in Bali. This concept consists of three different words; those are:

  • TRI means three
  • HITA symbolizes pure joy and contentment. This one means happiness.
  • KARANA means cause

So, literally, TRI HITA KARANA means three things that can bring happiness to you. Those three things are the relation between humans and God, humans with the environment, and humans with other humans.

This concept is so effective to be combined or as the base for in Bali. Wiweka Healing’s professional therapists utilize a technique to free up blocked energies. This helps patients feel better and have a stronger connection with their physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom. What is the benefit of this thing? It will give you the best health condition. The therapists use traditional Balinese Massage techniques to help your body relax and heal faster.

This technique is safe and unique, making Hypnotherapy in Bali different from other places. You can feel the spiritualism, peacefulness, and the effectiveness of this Hypnotherapy technique. A Hypnotherapy session is usually about 2 – 3 hours long, including the counseling and therapy. This session is private and will not be shared with other participants. The meeting is scheduled by appointment. Usually, to get the maximum result, the patient will need for about 3 – 4 sessions. However, sometimes the patient can also get a great result with only 1 – 2 sessions.

It means that it needs a different time between people with the other person. Why? Sometimes a problem may seem simple at first, but upon closer analysis, it turns out to be more complex than it appears. That is why it may be unable to be solved with only one session of Hypnotherapy.

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