Hypnotherapy for Depression: Do you really need it?



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Hypnotherapy for Depression

Let’s start the topic about Hypnotherapy for Depression. Hypnotherapy is a popular technique or method to heal several psychological and physical health issues. One of them is for depression. Some people with depression said that hypnotherapy helps them to have a better feeling which is great for this kind of disorder. That is why; they always recommend hypnotherapy as a supportive healing method besides having the medical cure too. Before talking further about hypnotherapy for Depression, we will describe more about the meaning of depression first.

Depression is defined as a sad feeling and hopeless. These feelings are not completely wrong, but in detail, depression is a disorder to your heart atmosphere change that influences your mind pattern, feeling, and the way you do your activity. Someone with depression usually feels sad, hopeless, feel worthless, lose this desire to do an activity, and blame him. If you experienced those symptoms for a long period of time, at least two weeks and more, it is better to see a doctor as soon as possible to get help. If you don’t do it and ignore the depression, depression can push someone to suicide.

How depression can happen?

Depression is happened because of a complex interaction between the biological, psychological, and environmental factors. It means that depression condition can be caused by various factors; started from the genetic factor, someone’s ability to face the stressful condition, childhood traumatic moments, parenting reason, side effects of several drugs (such as the sleeping pills and hypertension drugs), and having certain illnesses such as head injury, impaired thyroid hormone, heart problem, diabetes, cancer, up to AIDS. Basically, depression is an emotional condition where it is included the sad, heartache, worthless, and extreme emptiness where within it we can also find the feeling of un-motivated and no energy.

Types of Depression

You need to know that depression consists of several types which each type have their own characteristic and maybe different way to cure it. Below are the kinds of depressions:

1. Clinical Depression

This kind of depression will be ended so long. It means that clinical depression seems like will be happened for the whole life of a patient with this kind of depression. It is called clinical depression because the doctor who diagnoses a patient with that kind of depression. A doctor has a certain measurement for this until a doctor is sure that someone has clinical depression. This clinical depression has several characteristics that you need to pay attention, such as:

  • Sad feeling, emptiness, anxiety, loss of interest to some activities which are previously liked such as sex, pessimistic, and the negative perspective to life.
  • Insomnia
  • Needs a lot of sleep and difficult to wake up or get off from the bed
  • Feeling guilty, worthless, and helpless
  • The change of dietary habit so that it causes someone with this depression will lose his weight or maybe have an obesity problem,
  • Always feel tired
  • Hard to concentrate
  • Feel so stressful because they are not able to feel a feeling that they want to feel
  • Headache
  • Digestive disorder

The worst thing about clinical depression is that someone with this depression can experience a tendency to suicide.

2. Chronic Depression

This second depression is quite different from the clinical depression above. It has several characteristics that you need to know. Here are some of those characteristics.

  • Feeling bored because someone has a whole time depression
  • It has happened in the form of a cycle
  • This kind of depression will disappear within a certain time and it will come back again.
  • The cycle can be predicted when that depression will disappear and when it will come back
  • Someone with this kind of depression will feel that he always deal with depression in his whole life because the depression is continuously come and go.

Those are the characteristics of clinical depression. If you had those kinds of depression, you can see a doctor because the doctor will make sure everything.

3. Severe depression

The third type of depression is severe depression and we can say that it is the worst type of depression. This severe depression patient will have all of the characteristics above. In addition, someone with this depression will be not able to run his function in his daily life. He is not able to work or even get off from a sofa. It means that he will try so hard to do anything. That is why; the severe depression patient will be so difficult to wake up from his bed or even to take a bath. The worst thing about this depression is that the suicide desire is so strong and it happens continuously.

How Hypnotherapy for Depression can work

Hypnotherapy always uses the hypnosis technique for its session. It is an action to enter your subconscious world to add several suggestions. In hypnotherapy, the suggestions that are added are for sure the positive ones. In the case of depression, hypnotherapy has an aim to make someone is more focus and relax so that the feeling and negative emotion in the past can be controlled properly. Hypnotherapy has a PRO point because it has been used to overcome several medical conditions like helping someone to stop smoking, relieve the chronic pain, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), concentration disorder, up to the habit of gnashing teeth. In addition, hypnotherapy is also known as a secure healing method because it just creates a small number of side effects or even no side effects at all.

You need to know that depression is not only about a negative emotion that appears because of a problem in the past. It means that it is not about opening the old ‘pain’ in the past to help a person with depression and make him make peace with their past. Why? It is because that action is not the right solution. Depression is happened because of many factors that cause some unstable amount of chemical substances within the brain. That is why; it is better to meet the psychologist or psychiatric first if you had the symptoms of depression. The psychologist or psychiatric will help you to diagnose which depression that you have and maybe they will give you some drugs too.

Find the best hypnotherapist

After that, you can make an appointment with the hypnotherapist because we knew that hypnotherapy can be the right supportive way to heal your depression problem faster and better. However, don’t forget to choose only the best and professional hypnotherapy service because usually the therapist there is licensed. For example, you can use the Wiweka Healing service that is located in Ubud. This service has a licensed therapist who will do everything safely and he is more than ready to help you.

Hypnotherapy for Depression Technique

We have said earlier that depression consists of several different types so that it maybe has different techniques too for overcoming this disorder. Below are the techniques that are commonly used:

If depression was caused by another party who was hurting

Depression can happen because someone was hurt by the other people. Hypnotherapy is so effective to release heartache because of other’s people action or treatment. Hypnotherapy technique can make someone is able to find his depression cause and who is the one who hurt him so much. Then, by using a hypnotherapy technique, all those negative emotions can be released and it will make someone with depression can be cured or healed.

If depression was not caused by the other party

In this case, depression can be caused by a bad experience in the past. It means that the hypnotherapy technique that can be used is Stem Technique. It is a technique to find a feel that causes depression. Why hypnotherapy handling is not easy? Someone who has entered the depression phase means that he has harboring his negative emotion deeper so that when a Hypnotherapy for Depression was done; any negative feelings will be not found. It means that the patient will answer that he is not feeling anything during a hypnotherapy session.

Find the hidden emotion

The stem hypnotherapy technique is used for people with depression because Hypnotherapy for Depression can find the deep hidden emotion. After the emotion causing a depression was found by using a hypnotherapy technique (in this case is the stem technique), that emotion will be released and the patient will able to step out from his depression feeling. We really want to say that hypnotherapy is so effective to find the negative emotion causing a depression. Hypnotherapy can also release all emotions causing that depression. In addition, hypnotherapy can help the patient of depression as long as that patient is not yet experiencing a mental disorder.

That is the explanation about hypnotherapy for depression. If you experience the symptoms of depression, it is better to meet the doctor and hypnotherapist as soon as possible. We hope that this article is beneficial for you and we believe you can overcome your depression feeling.

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