Prana Healing in Bali



Prana Healing in Bali

Have you ever heard about Prana Healing in Bali? Actually, it is one of the healing methods that are claimed effective to heal several problems or health issues. In addition, it is a healing technique based on the energy which is managed and tested. This technique uses Prana to cure physical and emotional illness. Prana itself is from the Sanskrit that means ‘life energy’ or ‘vital energy’. In the Chinese language, it is known as chi and in the Japanese language, it is known as Ki. Meanwhile, in the Greece language, it is called pneuma. Spiritually, Prana is called ‘truth’ or the breath of life.

The grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, a Philippines, and Chinese ethnicity, found back this ancient healing and introduced it as a science or knowledge in 1987. He was a chemical engineer and a successful businessman as well. He was also an author of 20 books which had been translated into 27 different languages. He had taught the world about a secret of combining spirituality, healthy, and prosperity at the same time.

How to do a healing with Prana Energy?

In fact, this therapy uses a system without touching the patient and without any medical drugs as well. The healer will not touch the patient’s body and there will be not any drugs to drink or eat. The healing works in the body of energy or a patient’s aura. This illness is in a form of aura disturbance, manifesting a body as an illness. This part will be cleaned and added with the Prana energy so that it will boost the healing process inside a body physically. The other question that is usually asked is about an opportunity to do the Prana Healing together with another medical healing system. Is it possible?

The answer is YES. A healing process with Prana energy will care the body energy. In addition, a medical system will treat physical bodies. This integrated approach can boost physical energy without any bad effect. Prana healing will be done by doing some simple movements with a goal to throw away all the bad energies owned by somebody; again, it is done without touching the patient.

What diseases can be cured?

Most of the people are really curious about this thing. What diseases can be cured with a Prana healing method? In fact, there are a lot of diseases can be cured by this technique such as migraine, diabetes, influenza, insomnia, fever, asthma, high blood pressure, heart attack, arthritis, and many more again. You can ask the therapist about it or you can share about your illness first before trying the Prana healing. Just gain more information to know whether is it possible to cure your diseases by doing this Prana technique.

In addition, Prana Healing in Bali can be also cured the psychological disease. The kinds of those diseases are like traumatize, phobia, stress, depression, anxiety, sadness, hysteria, paranoid, dyslexia, and many more again. Prana therapist is grouped into several classes such as the basic up to the expert one. In addition, there are many things that someone will learn due to Prana healing for the basic group such as:

  • Realizing and feeling the existence of body energy
  • Realizing and feeling the Prana existence inside a body
  • Training to see the aura, air prana, and many more again
  • Strengthening aura through the Prana breathing.
  • Increasing a body energy quality through a spiritual energy
  • Prana godlike healing, building a character, and effect and case law
  • Self-healing and long distance healing
  • Healing for the other people.

Law of Prana Healing

Theoretically, healing by using Prana Energy is really basic. There is two natural law which can support this kind of healing. These two natural laws are really clear, but most of the people are not realizing it.

  1. Self healing law
    Commonly, our body has its own ability to heal until a certain kind of level. If we were burned or hurt, our body will be healed in several days.
  2. Law from the life energy
    To make our body is in its best function, we need the Prana or energy of life. Basically, Prana energy healing will boost a body’s healing process by giving the energy of life / prana exactly on the injured or hurt part.

Those are the two natural laws. What we thought about healing is the addition of healing ability inside of the body itself. There is not anything in a supranational way or paranormal activity. This healing is only based on the un-realized natural laws.

Is the Prana healing method can balance your financial or material and spiritual condition?

The answer is yes. The exact amount of money can buy freedom, such as to pray, develop a spirituality, and serving other human such as helping the poor people, giving them an article of proper clothing, food, and education. By doing the Prana healing method continuously, we will become happier and more peaceful because of the chakra or center of energy inside our body is stronger, more active, and more balanced than before. This condition can manifest the goodness inside the body of every person optimally. 

Prana is everything around us

Prana is everywhere without we realize it or maybe we don’t have an ability to take advantage of it. We need to remember that in everything that we did; actively or passively, we are in a Prana condition. The right diet, breathing, physical exercise, good relationship, and many more again teach us to increase our ability to use Prana around us. It is essential to keep keeping our physical and emotional health is clean and balance. Consciousness is one of the keys to doing it. In addition, breathing at least 5 – 10 minutes every day is a good way to increase the concentration and realizing the internal. When you breathed consciously, you will be more conscious than Prana that is absorbed in every cell that your body has.

Benefit of Salt

When you took a bath by using the sea salt has a function as a huge cleaning system that can purify your enteric body. Through this effective cleaning aura, you can make yourself is more sensitive and open for Prana.  One more thing that you need to know is that Prana technique is not alternative healing because it doesn’t have an aim to replace the medical healing method. In addition, it was done to complete the healing method. That is why; we can call it as the complement healing method.

A pranic healer or a healer who also become the Pranic Healing Instructor described that a human body consists of three different components; those are the physical, energy, and soul. These things had been proved by a scientist from Russia, dr. Semyon Kirllian, who found that there are several energies around a human’s body. He used a tool called Kirlianfotografie. In his research, he said that before someone got a physical illness, the body energy has been sick first.

Where to find the Prana Healing in Bali

As an island with the thick spiritual nuance, Bali is so peaceful and we can find various kinds of healing method that act as the alternative healing or complement healing just like this Prana healing. One of the most recommended prana healing in Bali is the Wiweka Healing. This healing service combines the Balinese spiritual healing, hypnotherapy, Intention healing, prana, spiritual guidance, life force re-activation, and Metaphysical approach. All the services are done by the professional and legal therapist because the therapist itself is equipped with the legit certificate.

Furthermore, the session of Prana Healing in Bali also need a willingness from the patient to tell everything that he felt, including about the illness that they have ever had. It also needs a willingness from the patient to do a prana session from the first up to the end. In addition, the session can be also doing more than once and it is based on each condition of the patient. Sometimes, someone can solve his problem only with one session, but sometimes the other people can do the prana session for 3 or 4 times.

Wiweka Healing

As a prana healing in Bali, Wiweka uses the proper method such as doing diagnose before the session, and many more again. That is why Prana healing method and the energy healing therapy from Wiweka Healing are able to boost the healing of emotional and physical illness. First of all, the therapist will do the diagnostic and detect the illness had by the patient. Commonly, an illness will appear first on the energy before it is manifested to the physical body of the patient. That is why we can say that the therapist will be able to know the illness before it is felt by the patient on their body. It makes a lot of people said that Prana healing in Bali can be used as a preventive healing method.

If you are looking for the Prana Healing in Bali, you can straightly come to the Wiweka Healing to get the right healing method with the professional therapist.

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