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Hypnotherapy for Psychosomatic. Hypnotherapy is known as a healing method that is so effective to cure several illnesses; physically or psychology. One of the illnesses that can be cured by this healing technique is psychosomatic. Now, the question is that: is it true that Hypnotherapy is effective to cure this disease? Before we are going further and answer the question, it is important to know first about what the definition of psychosomatic first.

It is a disorder

Psychosomatic is a condition or disorder when our mind is controlling the whole body so that a physical complaint arises. Psychosomatic it comes from two different words; psyche or ‘mind’ and soma that mean ‘body’. The Psychosomatic disorder is not only happened in adult age period, but also in children. The main cause of psychosomatic disorder for children is started from the attitude and relationship between a child and his parents. In addition, it can be also caused by the lack of information about family health mental that can make children have this psychosomatic disorder.

How to cure psychosomatic

In the case of psychosomatic, the health officer will be not only focused on the physical symptoms because of psychosomatic. However, they will do the complete cure in handling the mental and social factors that cause a physical disease that happened. Doctor commonly is able to handle the psychosomatic symptom that has an aim to cure the physical symptom that was felt. However, it is better if the psychosomatic disorder patient needs to do a consultation with a psychiatric or get Hypnotherapy for Psychosomatic


A psychiatric will cure the patient by diagnosing the patient from several aspects, including the illness’ duration, environment pressure, patient’s characteristic, and many more again. Every physical complaint will be handled properly. In addition, for the psychological complaints, a patient will be helped with the complete counseling that is supported by psychotherapy. It is a therapy in the form of mindset and behavior to train someone’s response to a hard situation. This thing is beneficial for reducing the physical complaint that is happened into someone with the psychosomatic disorder.


Besides having the right cure or therapy, it is also better if someone with psychosomatic to manage his stress, anxiety, and depression as early as possible before it turns into a psychosomatic disorder that can have an impact on your whole body condition. You can consult with a psychiatric if you have any mental or psychology disorders before that disorder triggers a physical illness.

Hypnotherapy for psychosomatic

In a healthy physical condition, sometimes a symptom that causes our body uncomfortable can appear. For the examples are like the painful feet, headache, nausea, and many more again; these symptoms will make our body is more uncomfortable if we did not know the cause. If this condition has happened to you, there is a huge probability that you are having the psychosomatic condition. It is a condition or disorder on your body because of your psychological condition. If you already had an illness before and it is getting worse because of the emotional disorder, that condition is called the psychosomatic disease.

Most illness from psychogenic

For about 90% of illness is caused by the psychogenic factor, not the organic factor. So, it can be said that a psychological condition dominated someone’s condition. It was an opinion stated by a Mind Technology expert. He said that at least there are 15 emotions that can cause psychosomatic. Those are the illness memory, self-conflict, self-anger, past condition or a present condition that is not finished yet traumatized self-esteem, and four kinds of negative emotions. The things included as the negative emotions are like the shy feeling, guilty, angry, and scare. The examples of anger are like hate, frustration, revenge, hurt, and offense.


Then, how emotion can cause psychosomatic? Emotion can be likened like the fire that fires a kettle full of water. The heating water vapor should be able to come out. However, if a kettle is covered, that thing will do not happen. It will cause the kettle is too hot and broken. The same thing also happens for the emotion that continues to be detained so it cannot be separated. This condition is really dangerous that can cause people suicide.

The symptom

The appearance of a psychosomatic symptom is, in fact, better than if there are not any symptoms appeared. With that symptom, an illness can be known as soon as possible and hypnotherapy can be started. Hypnotherapy makes a therapist digs more of someone’s experience in the past to know the cause of psychosomatic. However, the cure for psychosomatic is not fully based on a therapist. It needs good coordination with the client and also his willingness especially to let a therapist for opening his past experiences and conditions in a deep relax condition that is called somnambulism. The client has to lead the technician to a period where the psychosomatic symptoms have happened. Next, the client will hear a direction from the technician or therapist to solve what was happened before the psychosomatic symptoms appeared.

High impact

The good news about Hypnotherapy for psychosomatic is that it has the highest recovery percentage than the psycho analyzes and behavior therapy; hypnotherapy has the recovery percentage of 93% after 6 therapy sessions. It is higher than a psychoanalyzed that has 38% of recovery percentage from 600 therapy sessions. Furthermore, behavior therapy has a recovery percentage of 72% from 22 therapy sessions. In addition, we have to understand that hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy. The main therapy is still a medical one that can be also done by a doctor through a proper examination and drugs. Hypnotherapy is a supporter so that a patient’s recovery can be done 100%.

The steps of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for psychosomatic just like the common hypnotherapy has several stages although maybe the therapist can use the different step for this case; the usual stages that are used are as follows:

1. Pre-Talk Stage

This step is like a diagnostic step where the therapist will dig more information about you such as the problem happened in the past and many more again. It is recommended to be honest and open on this step to make the therapist knows the real condition that you have. If you have any medical record about the psychosomatic that you have, you can tell the therapist.

2. SWOT Analyze

SWOT means Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. It is a condition where you have to know about your weakness and strength.

3. Pre-Induction Stage

In this step, a suggestion will be started to make and it is prepared to affect the subconscious. To make this step is done properly, you need to be sure about yourself and never doubt anything about the session that you will have.

4. The Induction Stage

On this step, you will be brought from the alpha wave (a conscious condition of your brain) to the theta (the brain’s wave with the frequency of 3 Hz – 8 Hz in half-sleeping condition). At this step, you will feel a little bit sleepy, relax, but still in a conscious condition. The suggestion will be really easy to give at this condition. This step also has an essential position to determine the success of therapy.

5. Hypnotize Stage

It is when a suggestion will star to immerse in your mind. Your body condition will be so light and 50% sleepy but you are not completely falling asleep. The suggestion will be given gradually and not all suggestions at once to make it are effective. Please note that it is better for not completely asleep at this condition to make the suggestion is easier to have an effect.

6. Posthypnotic suggestion

A suggestion will be always given even after hypnotize was done. It is hoped that you will still have the condition just like what it is hoped. The suggestion given can be like “starting for now when you are mirroring you will feel so happy and awesome” and many more again. What you need to do is just relax and hear all suggestions given by the therapist.

7. Termination Stage

This is the last step. On this stage, the Hypnotherapy for Psychosomatic process can be done. You will feel completely conscious, but for sure you will not be awakened directly. The therapist will use several positive words to awake you. They will say it slowly with the positive suggestion to make you have a better life after you are awakened.

Those are the steps that are usually used for a session of hypnotherapy. However, the steps can be different between a therapist and another. You need to note that for psychosomatic maybe you will need for about more than a therapy session to make you 100% healed and feeling better. In fact, it depends on how bad is the psychosomatic condition is.

Wiweka Healing

Hypnotherapy for psychosomatic is effective and it becomes a highly recommended solution to cure that disorder without drinking too many drugs. In Bali, you can find this kind of hypnotherapy in Ubud. Wiweka Healing is the name of this service and you can go there to meet the professional and licensed therapy that is ready to help you.

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