Hypnotherapy for Post Trauma: An Early Cure for Avoiding Dangerous Situation



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Hypnotherapy for Post Trauma

Here I will talk about the benefits of Hypnotherapy for Post Trauma. A trauma might happen because of past experience in the past. Someone can have trauma when he is child and he can forget it when he grows up. But, the trauma might appear again when he encounters the same situation, fear, or person. It happens because the person is actually not fully over it.

For this kind of disorder, people usually call it PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). It is shocking that actually many people have this kind of disorder. The suffering is hard as people cannot get over it and keep on reminding about the bad thing.

The Danger of PTSD

If you know this kind of PTSD, do not think of it as a light matter because it is really dangerous. PTSD can lead to anxiety, stress, unwilling to eat or drink, etc. In serous cases, people find it hard to breathe well because of PTSD.

It happens because the “fear” is really big and it leaves a big scar in their heart. When they encounter the same thing that makes them afraid, then the person will find it hard to deal with it. He will sweat a lot and he will lose his grip. Thus, emergency situation will arise and the first medical treatment is really needed.

How Hypnotherapy for Post Trauma Help Cure PTSD?

As you know that this is about mental health, the best solution for curing this disorder is by meeting a therapist. A therapist can plan sessions for Hypnotherapy for Post Trauma to cure you. The hypnosis is mostly used as the disorder is considered a really serious one. One can even lose his life when the PTSD comes. Thus, having a planned session with hypnosis is really important.

Mostly, the hypnosis is to dig the “hidden fear” that you have. The therapist will find ways to question you and get the answer. Firstly, the therapist will try to figure out the b=problem before move on to the curing.

For the curing, some methods might be used to increase the success of the Hypnotherapy for Post Trauma. Doing the process, you might feel uncomfortable about it but if you keep following the guidance, you will be able to control the trauma and release some of your “fear.”

If the therapist gives you some medication, you need to make sure to always keep it with you and drink it regularly so that you can heal faster.

What to Expect from Friends?

For a person having PTSD, the friends or family might feel strange to encounter such situation. But they also need to understand that it happens because the big traumatic event in the past. If your family know the background story about it, then they can give you support and understand the situation well. They can bring you warm hug and lift up your spirit to face your “biggest fear.”

For your friends, if they are not informed well about the situation, you need to find time to talk about it with them. It is better to share the worries than keeping it to yourself. Friends can be the best ones needed when you have emergency situation. Having the support from friends and know that they will always be there for you can be really helpful for you to forget about your tragic past.

What to Plan for Doing Hypnotherapy for Post Trauma

As PTSD is a serious problem, you need to calculate everything before choosing a therapist. The post trauma might happen because of certain thing, thus you need to make sure that along the way to the therapist, and there will be no things that will remind you about your “tragic past.”

It is better to choose a place of therapist near your house as it is convenient and it doesn’t take a lot of time to arrive. It is perfect for people having PTSD to choose the closest place from their home as when the PTSD comes, they can be sent to the hospital or home as soon as possible.

Prevent the Same “Fear” Happen Again

As PTSD can be really dangerous to the person, one thing to keep in mind is that avoiding the “hidden fear” to happen again is really important. One might find it hard to get over the “fear” as soon as possible, thus, by doing prevention; one can keep the life safe.

Often, in a serious case, a person needs to be sent to the hospital as he encounters the even that reminds him about his fear in the past. He is in the state of having difficulty in breathing and the heart beats so fast. It is a dangerous situation and he has to be sent to emergency in hospital. Sadly, many people are facing this disorder as a result from the tragic past.

Prevention for Your Child

If you want to prevent PTSD to happen to your family or child, you can start it by giving the good environment. Of course, danger might still come from outsiders, yet by giving a warm environment, you are one step ahead of giving a healthy mental condition to your family.

Even if something might happen to your child by accident or other tragic thing from outsiders, the warm family that you give can be one of the supports that he can get. He will get enough strength to try to forget the bad stuff and remember the good stuff within the family.

Not easy but love is necessary

The bond among the family can be really strong if you give your 100% love to your child. Thus, knowing what to do and what to speak to your child in various situations is needed.

It is not easy to be the best parents for your child and it needs to be learned. If it is needed, you can go to parenting class to be able to develop a good environment to your child. You need also to put yourself in his position when you want to speak something. You might have your own principle and rules, but you need to also know that your child has his own problem as he is growing. Thus, an understanding from both sides you and your child is needed. Think about your child first and talk it out nicely. If you get the understanding from him, then later you can try to talk about your principle or idea. He will be able to receive it well as he grows fond on you.

Special Treatment for PTSD: Hypnotherapy for Post Trauma

As PTSD can be life-threatening, people need to make sure that one can get special treatment. Let’s say you have a child who has PTSD, you need to tell the teachers and friends to give special treatment and prevent them to rise a certain condition that can lead to PTSD. Thus, your child will not encounter the same “fear” and he can lie his school life normally.

As the teachers and friends understand the situation of your child, when the danger happen because of unexpected thing, they can call emergency immediately. They will know what to do in this situation and do not panic about it. It is important to this certain time as it can be dangerous for the health of your child.

Need to be patient

If your child grows up and he still has the disorder of pos t trauma, it is very important to find a partner of life who is patient enough to accompany him. The person needs to understand well that certain thing might happen to him and she needs to accompany him.

When the partner can keep being a companion for your child, then the sudden panic can be prevented. But, it needs to be noted that being happy is a choice. You can give advise to your child about the choice of letting go of the past and prefer happiness.

Life is go on

When life goes on, people will realize that there are many things that can make them happy. Instead of being in the memory of the past, people can try to focus on recent time and plan for a better future. Enjoying the scenery and have interaction more with other people can help tu cure post trauma faster.

Positive mindset

The need of therapist together with the positive mindset will be really helpful for people with PTSD. Keep on living daily with the clear mindset will help them to get through the day. It might be hard to get the past easily if the scar is really deep, but they can try to keep doing their best in the process of the treatment.

Beside Hypnotherapy for Post Trauma, having a family who is supportive and friends who are always there to listen to their worries will be really helpful so prevent the disorder reappear again. When the circle of family and friends are nice people, one can live nicely with the positive thinking in mind. One can also slowly find someone that he can trust though his life. Having a companion towards the bad days will be really helpful to have further nice life as he will cherish the togetherness. Thus, the PTSD will slowly be healed.  

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