Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking : When is the right time and where



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Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking, yes we talk about smoking habit now. Smoking is a bad habit because it is unhealthy and it is not good for the people around the smoker as well. However, stop smoking is not easy for smokers because, in fact, smoking is so addictive, just like the alcoholic habit. There are tons of reasons why people, especially teenagers who begin smoking. Some beginner smokers start this habit because of their curiosity and also because of pressure coming from their friend. It means that if your friends are also smokers and you are not smoking, you will be not considered as a friend or their part of the association. In addition, some young people really enjoy the sensation of breaking the rules and rebel against parents.

Nicotine made addiction

Whatever the reasons are, Nicotine just needs 10 seconds to be absorbed within your blood circulation. It causes your brain to release the adrenaline, creates happiness vibration, and energy. Nicotine itself is a natural drug found in tobacco and it is really addictive. Research showed that Nicotine is as addictive as heroin, cocaine, or alcohol.

However, there is some good news that more smokers really want to stop smoking for many reasons and the main reasons are about health and to have a better life. Thank God because nowadays we can find so many methods that are offered to handle and even cure this bad habit. In fact, not all of those methods are effective. How about hypnotherapy to stop smoking? For a long time ago, this technique had been known so effective to help someone to stop smoking.

Hypnotherapy is a secure therapy

Before talking about its effectiveness, in fact, hypnotherapy is a kind of safe way to stop smoking. It is un-invasive, without any drugs, and it doesn’t have any side effects. Hypnotherapy is a natural way to increase your subconscious to help you reach the change of habit just like what you want and hope.  One thing that you need to pay attention is that hypnotherapy is unable to make you do something that you don’t willing to do. So, if you want to stop smoking, you don’t need to worry because everything will be based on your permission and willingness.

The America Professional hypnotherapy association described that hypnosis is only a relaxing and focus condition. It is a natural condition where each of us enters that kind of condition. Sometimes it is called with the ‘trance’ condition where at least twice a day we had this time; once when we are sleeping and once when we awake.

Smoking is a habit

Smoking is like all habits. It is a reaction maintained by your subconscious part. Consciously, all of us knew that smoking is bad for our health, but the feeling and our belief (which is maintained by the subconscious part) might think otherwise. By that, hypnosis will bring us to a quick eye movement, the healing condition, and natural process. On this condition, our subconscious will be more opened to any ideas and new pieces of advice. This condition also makes our subconscious part is able and effective to be added by several pieces of advice such as ‘you don’t need to try for not smoking; that habit will begin to disappear slowly’. As it was reported in the New Scientist Magazine, it was found that hypnotherapy enjoyed the bigger success stage which is bigger than the other method using to help someone to stop smoking.

91% success rate

The hypnotherapy to stop smoking level of success is 91% and it will help you to stop smoking. The American Journal of Medicine stated that hypnosis has been promoted as a free-narcotic way to help smoker stop their smoking habit. There is proof that it is successful based on research checking 14 different international studies. Inside it, Taylor and Dingle (1994) found that some researches checking showed that a hypnosis session to stop smoking can create up to 25% level of success. Meanwhile, more than 70% of them who were involved in 2 up to 3 hypnosis session was able to stop smoking in a couple of weeks.

More description of hypnotherapy to stop smoking

Hypnosis is a condition of focused concentration where someone is being less conscious of his circumstance. Meanwhile, hypnotherapy is the using of hypnosis to cure a physical condition or psychological condition which is happened in someone. Hypnosis condition makes someone is able to more open for a discussion or advice. This thing is really helpful to cure phobia, anxiety, worry, fear, sleep disorder, depression, stress, pain control, and handle several habits such as smoking or overeating.

Wiweka Healing

During a hypnosis process to stop smoking, the patient will be asked to imagine the result of unhappy thing from smoking. For example, the smoke is really smelled like vehicle emission and many more again. Hypnosis will teach smoker to repeat the affirmation at any time when a smoker has a desire for smoking. The level of success for hypnotherapy for every people is different. In 2012, there was a review stated that the American Medical Association supports the use of hypnotherapy as a healing alternative for the smokers although there are not any structured researches that state the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. That is why; hypnotherapy can be your option to stop the bad habit of smoking. The first time that you need to do to try this hypnotherapy session is finding a licensed hypnotherapist with a trusted session. You can get it from the Wiweka Healing that is located in Ubud BALI. 

From the description above we can say that the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for smokers is varied. It is depended on your decision whether you will choose hypnotherapy or the other methods to stop your smoking habit.

2 Facts about Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

We want to inform you that there are 2 interesting facts about hypnotherapy to stop smoking. Knowing these facts will make you understand about the hypnotherapy condition better so that you can prepare yourself before meeting the hypnotherapist such as in the Wiweka Healing Bali. Here are the facts that we want to share to you:

1. Don’t expect that you will feel hypnotized

The first fact is that it is better to not expect that you will be and felt hypnotized in a hypnotherapy session. A lot of people visited a hypnotherapist thought that they will feel unconscious. In fact, trance is not different like a relaxation. Trance is a normal condition and it is natural as well. You will feel so familiar. Don’t think that you will get the unconscious hypnosis. Trance is not about that because once again Trance is a natural condition.

2. You will feel so relax

Hypnosis is a natural condition when you will feel increasing relaxation. The other miss-understanding about hypnotize is some people thought that they will asleep. Hypnotize is different from sleep. You will completely conscious in hypnotizing and hear what is said by someone (on this case is the therapist). You can stop at any time because you are the one who has the biggest control in a session. Some people might be thinking that are they hypnotized or only felt relax? If you had this kind of thing on your mind, make your mind is opened and follow the therapist suggestions. When a session was finished, you can talk about it consciously. What you need to do along a session is following and accepting the suggestions.

The common example of hypnotize condition is when you are driving. Have you ever driving and suddenly you feel blank and then you are awakened? You knew that you are 100% conscious and driving safely, but you are not realizing it. That was the condition hypnosis. The other example is when you are watching television. Have you ever in a condition where you are too serious about watching the TV so that you don’t hear anyone who is talking to you? It is also similar to the hypnosis condition.

Success with Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

This same concept is same as hypnotherapy to stop smoking. Hypnotize will not make you stop smoking outside of your willingness. If you want to stop smoking, hypnotize can only help you to do a thing that you want to do. Hypnotize is the right way and it is really effective to make you do what you want to do. In this case, we are talking about stop smoking. That is why; it is better to have a strong mindset and desire to stop smoking before you meet the hypnotherapist. Make sure that you really want to stop smoking and find your own reason why you want to do it.

In addition, it is also recommended to always hear your therapist and being open with him. Maybe the therapist will do a diagnostic session before the hypnotherapy session. You need to be honest about everything that is asked by the hypnotherapist because it can make your session is effective. In fact, hypnotize is not counseling; hypnotize is a changing tool that is accepted by the medical association for more than 50 years.

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    Erika Brady

    I like that you explain how you have the most control in your hypnotherapy sessions. This would be useful to ensure you get the results you want. In order to do this, you’d probably want to research hypnotherapy professionals in order to learn about their experience and methods to ensure you can have the control and results you’re looking for.

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