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Work with Hypnotherapy for Phobia. Erasing phobia is maybe a problem that is easy to handle by using therapy. You need to know that to erase a phobia it must come from a self-confident and belief. With that strong confident and desire, it will be easier to cure a phobia. For those who are not having this problem, maybe you will be annoyed if your friend has a phobia. It is because she can be so hysteric when seeing something in common. For the example is when she saw a cat because she is phobia with the cat; she can be run, scream, and etc which are maybe too much for you. However, you need to understand that there is an illness or disease called Phobia. The fact is that a lot of people in this world are having this problem; whether it is the light one or the bad one. It can be easy for you to find someone with this problem.

The Definition of Phobia

Before we are talking about hypnotherapy for phobia, we will talk and know about the definition of phobia first because maybe someone is not having the right perception about this disorder. Phobia is an excessive fear of a thing or situation that they meet. Usually, the cause is unreasonable and it is not because of a fact. Phobia can appear when someone is in a certain situation such as the dark room, small room, and many more again or when someone with a phobia is seeing a certain thing. It can be certain animals or even just a button. In severe phobia condition, the sufferers will try to avoid an object that can trigger fear for them. Phobia itself is grouped into an anxiety disorder illness. This condition can make the sufferer feels depression, panic, or even limit the activity.

The Cause of Phobia

We can say that the causes of phobia are varied. For the example; the past traumatic condition can trigger a phobia. That past experience then makes someone will feel so worried and bring that anxiety to the recent situation. The interesting thing is that phobia can be also caused by our ancestor. It means that you can have a phobia because of in the past your ancestors have a phobia of something and it makes their grandchildren were carried away by that feeling.

Someone with phobia usually will have some special characteristics. Below are those characteristics if the sufferer meets the cause of phobia:

  • Fast heartbeat
  • A cold sweat
  • Run
  • Scream loudly
  • Crying with the red face condition
  • Feel so worried and a sufferer can be unconscious as well

Those are the symptoms of phobia that are usually had by someone with this kind of illness or disorder. If you experience these symptoms or maybe several symptoms above, you can guess that you may have a phobia and it is better to see a doctor to get the best advice.

Various Kinds of Phobia

Besides knowing the hypnotherapy for Phobia, it is also interesting to know about the kinds of Phobia. In fact, a phobia is differentiated into several types or kinds where it is maybe having the different characteristic and method to cure. Here are the types of phobia that we will share:


Someone with this kind of phobia doesn’t like a crowded place. He will so scare and soon get away from that place if he already feeling uncomfortable.


The sufferer of social phobia will feel so scared and worry if he meets with the other people. Why? It is because the sufferer thought that if he met someone, that person will give poor judgment so that sufferers are afraid if later they will be ridiculed or discussed.


This kind of phobia is covering many kinds of phobias to an object or situation that is clearer. This phobia is so specific so that it consists of many names of phobias too. Here are the examples of those phobias:

  • Achluophobia – afraid of darkness
  • Acrophobia – afraid of highness
  • Batracophobia – afraid of the amphibian animals such as frog
  • Cynophobia – afraid of the dog or rabies
  • Dentophobia – afraid of the dentists
  • Elurophobia – afraid of the cat

Those are some examples of specific phobias. The kinds of this phobia are so varied where you and try to find the other name from other references such as from the internet, book, and many more again.

Eliminating Phobia with Hypnotherapy

Now, it is time to talk about hypnotherapy for phobia. From several techniques to eliminate phobia, one of them is by using hypnotherapy technique. In hypnotherapy, the client will be added some suggestions that a thing (object) or situation that makes someone has his phobia situation is just a thing that is not harmful or it just a normal one. With this hypnotherapy technique, a therapist will guide the client to go to his subconscious world because it is a place where a client made perception that the object he feared would endanger him. That is why; if you or your friend is having phobia right now, it is better to get help as soon as possible. One of them is by having hypnotherapy because a phobia is quite difficult to be cured by yourself.

Hypnotherapy for Phobia is great solution

Some people believe that Hypnotherapy for Phobia is a great solution for them who are having a phobia. Hypnotherapy for phobia is effective and natural as well because you don’t need to drink any chemical drugs and usually, it doesn’t have any bad side effects. That is why; this technique or therapy is recommended and becomes an option for them with phobia problem. Now, you maybe have a question like this: is it true that hypnotherapy can make someone is completely out of his fear? Before answering this question, it is better for us to know the common work method of phobia.

The hypnotherapy practice usually uses some words to overcome the problem owned by the patient. A hypnotherapist will ask the willingness of the patient to follow any suggestions given by the therapist. That suggestion will be added into the subconscious world of a patient and that is why; the subconscious area of a client is becoming the focus of a therapist on this case. At least there are 5 ways that are used by a hypnotherapist to enter a client’s subconscious world.

Below are those ways:

  • Repetition or giving the same suggestion again and again
  • Identification of group or family
  • Information was given by a figure who has an authority
  • The intense emotion
  • Alpha condition or hypnosis

Seeing the work method or hypnotherapy above, we can conclude that the positive words suggestion is the key to this therapy. It just likes a ‘mainstay drug’ from a therapist that will be given to cure someone with several problems; including them who are having a phobia. The relaxation technique is used by doing a change to a client’s mindset and it is so effective to handle the phobia cases.


In certain deep condition, it allows a therapist to work better and it is called the ‘profound somnambulism’ where patient or client will be guided to explore again a time where a phobia appeared for the first time in his life. Then, a therapist will guide that patient or client to eliminate the phobia that he has. Some hypnotherapy techniques even can overcome certain phobia times in only 3 up to 5 minutes long. The result of hypnotherapy for phobia is so satisfying and it is permanent too. In addition, several phobias maybe need more times until it is completely eliminated from the clients. That is why; it is better to always follow the suggestions given by the therapist and you need to be honest too especially when a therapist tries to diagnose everything that causes your phobia problem.

Choosing the right hypnotherapy for phobia

We knew that nowadays there are many kinds of hypnotherapy services that are available. However, to get the best and most effective result, we recommend you to choose the professional one. There are many ways that you can do in choosing the right service for hypnotherapy. For example; you can find many references about a Hypnotherapy for Phobia to know its services, facilities, quality, up to know the customer review about the service. In addition, you can also compare service to another and then choose the right one for you.

Furthermore, a professional hypnotherapy service usually has a professional therapist as well. What we mean here is that the therapist usually has a license that shows he is professional and proper in doing the Hypnotherapy for Phobia. You can find it in Wiweka healing in Bali. The professional therapist will make you feel safe and secure because you are at the right hand to help you cure several mental or psychological problems. It means that the time, energy, and money that you provide will not be in vain.

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