Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, is it effective?



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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Here we wil talk about Hypnotherapy for Anxiety. Anxiety is a kind of disorder that can be owned by someone in the age of more than 15 years old. A lot of people in this world have this kind of disorder and they need the right cure and treatment for anxiety disorder. Nowadays, so many treatments for anxiety are available and one of them is hypnotherapy for anxiety. Hypnotherapy is not a new thing in this world because this kind of therapy is claimed effective to cure several psychological and also physical problems without any drugs and it is so natural. Now, the question is: how effective is hypnotherapy to cure anxiety? Do you really need to try this or not? Find the answer to the description below.

What is anxiety?

Before we are talking further about hypnotherapy for Anxiety, we will talk first about anxiety. What is this? Actually, it is the excessive feeling of anxiety, worry, and scare. Anxiety is normal where it is owned by someone, but it is not normal if it is happened at a long time and disturbs your productivity. In addition, this feeling is usually not accompanied by a healthy logical mind. For the example is when someone is really scared of death, fear of his future, up to scare to fail in an excessive way.

Usually, anxiety can be caused by several causes below:

  • The anxiety feeling transfer from a pregnant woman to its fetus
  • The terrorized childhood life, pressure, or harassment either directly or indirectly
  • The surprising anxiety feeling so that all of someone’s focus is directed into that moment
  • Excessive meaning of life for the examples about the sins, death, karma, and many more again.

When worry is at a normal level and it is not disturbing your productivity or even it is supported your anxiety, that thing doesn’t need your attention. However, if worry has been disturbing your productivity and even disturbing your life, you need to do several special ways to erase it. At least, you have to do psychological counseling or do a hypnotherapy session with someone professional.

What you need to highlight about Anxiety

Here are several points that you need to highlight due to the anxiety feeling:

  • Knowing when was the first time of your anxiety. Has it happened since your young period, elementary school, or etc?
  • Knowing about the negative of traumatized moments happened in a period before the onset of anxiety
  • If anxiety happened since your elementary school period or even before that and it was not recognized (especially about the trigger), usually it was caused by the anxiety feeling transfer from a mother when she was pregnant.
  • Knowing your dream or reason why you have to erase the anxiety is. It is better to know about the advantages that you will get if you are successful to erase the anxiety.
  • Determined only to think, feel, and act in several things that will direct you to make your dream comes true
  • Consuming information or news that will direct you in realizing your dream; stop to consume the information or news that trigger the appearance of worry, horrified, scary, sad, sorry, angry, annoyed, and some other negative feelings. Vice versa, it is better to more consuming the information and news that will trigger a happiness feeling, grateful, and some other positive feelings.
  • Don’t consume any news or information that is related to illness; whether it is the physical or psychological
  • Choose the right friends in your circumstances. What we mean here is that only choose positive minded friends
  • Find a more positive life meaning and support your productivity.

Knowing the Method of Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

It just like when you are brushing your hair, sometimes you need to use a mirror to help you reflect the brushing hair movement that creates the proper hair model. It is the same with your heart and mind. In certain condition, you will need a counselor to help you reflect your habit pattern and how to manage your personality so that you will always feel happy and successful as well.

Hypnotherapy is having a strong relationship with hypnotizing. The wrong mindset owned by many people in this world is when they thought that hypnotherapy will make someone is totally unconscious. It is no true because a hypnotize session will only help you to be more relax and focus your mind. This condition is similar to sleeping. One thing that makes it is different is that your mind will be more focused and able to respond. Hypnotherapy can be used as a support for certain psychotherapy; not as the main treatment.

Relax from time to time

This more relaxing condition is claimed good and effective to make you more focus on your subconscious and it will make you possible to explore some problems deeper and calmer. A hypnotherapy session can be used for these several things:

  • Neutralize your negative emotion because of several psychological traumatize which has been happened in the past
  • Help you to reduce some weights. It can be done by adding some desires to apply a healthier lifestyle and manage your dietary habit.
  • Handling anxiety by creating a peacefulness and confidence.
  • Helping you to control several habits such as stop smoking and overeating.

Everything is under your control

The hypnotherapist will not control your mind. They will just direct or guide you to tell all your stressful feelings and problems that you have. From that way, you are the one who will able to find the solution. That is why; we always say that the one who is holding the key to success in hypnotherapy is the patient. He must be willing to be diagnosed and also do everything that is said by the therapist. Just try to be as open as possible. In addition, it is also better, to be honest to your therapist.

How Hypnotherapy for Anxiety can Cure

Now, let us talking about hypnotherapy for anxiety; hypnotherapy is not widely known as psychotherapy and cure to handle several mental disorders like anxiety. However, researchers had been studying its effect on several mental disorders such as stress disorders as the post-traumatic condition, and depression for many years. In research done in 2016, researchers paid attention to the brain condition of people who are having hypnotized therapy. They found that the brain condition of hypnotized people had several changes like it became more focus and more able to control some physical symptoms and emotional symptoms.

Hypnotic state

When entering a hypnotized situation, therapy will ask you to focus at the moment you feel the anxiety. You may be asked to focus on the physical sensation while thinking about your anxiety trigger. Once you knew this sensation, a hypnotherapist will say some words that are so calm down and give several pieces of advice for you. This technique is known as the suggestion planting. For example, if you feel worried in your working area, you will be asked to be more sure with your abilities and more confident too. Besides that, the therapist will also teach you how to make yourself is to relax and calm every time you feel the worry again the next day. What is the result? It will be easier for you to overcome the symptoms of anxiety which often relapse such as:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Increased heart rate
  • Muscle tension
  • Anger
  • Nervous

The consideration before having Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

In addition, anxiety is also a psychological pressure owned by most people with cancer. A research released in 2017 noted that hypnotize can reduce the level of anxiety in cancer sufferers, especially for children with cancer and experiencing stress. That is why; hypnotize is recommended for helping anxiety.

The most important thing to consider before you decide to use hypnotherapy for anxiety is the therapist qualification. It is better to find the mental health expert who is licensed such as psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatric, counselor, or a medical doctor who also act as a hypnotherapist. Hypnotize is only one from several clinical ways which are effective to help to handle anxiety. However, it is better for not doing a hypnotizing way without any pieces of advice from the medical team. That is why; you need to see and consult to your doctor or your psychologist to get the best advice first.

Wiweka Healing is the solution

If you are experiencing anxiety in your life right now, you can try Hypnotherapy as a natural way to help you cure that kind of disorder. It is a natural method where you don’t need to drink any drugs and it doesn’t have the bad side effect too. However, it is better to choose the professional hypnotherapy service such as Wiweka healing because usually their therapist is licensed and also professional. It means that you will not only get the effective hypnotherapy session, but also the safe and secure one. It can be also combined with the energy healing, prana healing, and many more again where all of those things will create a positive vibe for your life.

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