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According to reports, people struggle at work, home and in society because of their viewpoints, which often includes pessimistic thinking? Often the person will act out subconsciously, displaying difficult behaviors. The world is filled with people trying to challenge positive persuasion. Action is often slowed, due to the responses and reactions that common people display.

One of the best solutions for working alongside people is to change how you think, which includes changing your viewpoints. When you make changes, the outcome will reflect on your personality, which your conduct may rub off on people around you. We will learn by changing your ways, rather than worrying about changing the ways of others.

Some people believe that they know everything there is to know. This trait according to reports is higher in technical related people, yet various other business types will also show such traits. Many people will question those who ask questions, and may reply in such a way, “I am the expert here, what is your problem?”

People often make excuses per each question asked of them. This makes it difficult for you, since instead of receiving feedback, you get an attitude that says, “I am perfect, I never make mistakes.”

Most times people develop arrogant attitudes from living in a desensitizing environment. The attitudes sometimes will lead to defensive outbursts. Often the outbursts develop from fear, insecurity, and vulnerability. Many believe that the traits developed at a youthful age, which according to reports, parents often criticized their children, which lead to this problem. In all truths, some of the discoveries hold some reality. In our society, we are faced with negative views, which include poverty, war, violence, hate, racism, and so on.  However, media and influences from our past play a part also.

People often fear they will fail, or often feel unworthy. This puts the defense cap, on which shields them against any attack coming their way. Overall, this blocking shield is a false characteristic that only lasts for a short time. In time, these people lose, since respect and credibility is minimized.

What happens is in time people will refuse to have dealings with the person, or disbelieve what the person says. Ultimately, the person will loose credibility, which in time could cost them their job.

Now that you have an idea of how too many people think and react, we can consider a few helpful tips to show you how to deal with mental, spiritual, and physical problems.

Often people fail to paraphrase, clarify, or give positive feedback that slows a person learning.

How to use paraphrasing:

Question: What type of processor would work better than the processor installed in the computer now?

Results: “I am the expert here, what is your problem?”

Paraphrasing: So, you are saying that this processor is the best model on the market.

Results: Yes, otherwise I would not have installed the processor.

Clarifying: So, it is my understanding that I do not need to worry about other models of processors available to me.

Results: Exactly, but remember upgrades are always coming to the marketplace.

Overall result: Good, then I will look forward to upcoming processors.

One of the best advantages in your favor; is to avoid argument. When you encounter a regimental person or defensive person, become aware of this behavior, and silently listen without striking back. It helps to realize that this person is feeling unsure of his or her self. If you decide to argue back, it could lead to bigger problems.

When you learn to deal with others effectively, you are also learning how to improve your spiritual, mental, and physical life.

Sometimes you have to break things down to find answers.

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