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Subconscious mind have a certain language that can be understood and of course will have a powerful effect on one’s behavior. We can not enlighten our subconscious if we do not understand the language. Generally people who do not understand the language of subconscious mind often wrong to response or makecommand. Sometimes the phrase that the conscious mind considers to be good, is accepted by the subconscious mind as bad, or if it would build up but according to the subconscious mind it is understood as to break down.

Subconscious language techniques are now widely used extensively by the business world, especially advertising in order to influence consumer behavior. One common technique is the visual stimulus as we see in TV ads. People usually buy products they’ve seen. If we understand the language of the subconscious, then we can use it to control the thoughts and feelings in order to achieve a good quality life.

Do not underestimate and let your subconscious mind, because if you don’t control your subconciouss mind, the other will take advantage of it. A person who understands his subconscious power is able to extract enormous benefits, then he develops into a strong and success person. Keep in mind, that a person’s success will be proportional to the success of his personality. Personality, habits and characters are formed dominantly by the subconscious.

4 responses to “Subconscious Language”
  1. Martin Avatar

    Hello. I would like to find out what kind of words or phrases or sentences does the subconscious work on? Does it absorb the whole sentence like: “When I will be 25 years old, I will be rich and provide the best possible service as an Engineer and a Businessman.”

    Or something short: “I am calm”

    I would like to know how do I make language adjust my personality so that I could be successful.

    I hope you would give me a reply.

    Best regards


    1. Wiweka Avatar

      Subconscious work with short, positive and present tense. Like “I’m calm” is good.

      But there are some case sentences only doesn’t work. Because the most important is the feel and state.

  2. OMAR S MAJALI Avatar

    is there a book so I can learn Subconscious language ?

    1. Wiweka Avatar

      There are several books about subconscious mind in the market. If you are interested to have a session, please make appointment request based on my availability at https://wiweka.com/book-appointment

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