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subconscious mind -Humans have an extraordinary power to create a masterpiece. The greatest power oh human is in the subconscious mind, when managed, becomes a tremendous power. But very seldom we try to prove the power of the mind, because we often get stuck in a comfort zone or a certain habit. Which make us can not search for better possibilities or significant change of fate. Therefore, it is necessary for a person to have a higher target of the perceived ability to stimulate the power in the mind with one thing, the target commitment. Because the new target that is thought will move a person to carry out the action. Especially if it is believed that the target will be achieved, then we will be better prepared to face the challenges.

After the constructive actions are done over and over again, we unwittingly do a lot of important things until we get to a new zone, where we reach the desired target. That is why it is said that humans have enormous potential in the subconscious mind.

When we are in the mother’s womb, we have been blessed with the Subconscious Mind, only this mind we have, where our logic and emotional functions have not functioned yet. In the cwomb. the fetus who has old enough, he can move, kick, spin, and so on. All of these functions are run by the Subonciouss. Dreams is a real examples of the subconscious mind activity at night.

The human subconscious mind plays a very dominant role over human logic, because logic is the most recent function of man as he grows up. It can be said the Subconscious Mind is the primitive human soul, the original human soul or the basic human soul. See or imagine a baby who is still a few months old, he moves spontaneously, crying and laughing very naturally, muttering unclear, and so on. This is a function of the Subconscious Mind.

The Subconscious Mind of a baby is still very dominant, so the baby is very sensitive to the vibration or mood of the surrounding people. For example if her parents are bickering the baby can feel a little. One of subconscious mind functions is the intuition that we often know maybe similar to instinct, whereas the term instinct is for animals.

In the development toward adulthood, Subconscious Mind continues to play an important role. It is a habitual storage place, the storage of emotions since childhood, behavioral programs and perceptions, basic values, visual and hearing records of negative and positive emotions, and so on.

Behavior, way of thinking, and the way of feeling is the result of the projection of what is in the subconscious. For example, a child whose often beaten and shouted in his childhood, in his subconscious mind will be stored dissatisfaction and fear of excess, this will affect his behavior, ways of thinking and how to feel in his future. Things that can happen, he could be a person with low self-esteem, fear of excess, not easy to believe other people, negative thinking, lack of morale, and so on. But it could be that with all the dissatisfaction in his subconscious mind, he becomes a very aggressive person, he becomes an angry person, and hurt others as well.

If our subconscious mind is tolerable and positive, then it is also good for our life. And it turns out that the Subconscious Mind also has “the power to create”, for example:

  • When a person is too anxious about his health, if he does not stop the anxiety, the disease he fears can actually happen in real.
  • The man who believes that he is incapable, then in accordance with his belief there is also the incapacity.

People who often complain “tired” “exhausted” and so on, eventually he will experience a psychosomatic where he will often tired, even tough he had enough sleep, enough eat, work not too hard, because in his subconscious mind has embedded program “tired”. Be careful of what you have been, are, or will be planting in your subconscious mind. Planting the good program will receive and feel good too.

“We create our own life experience”

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