Penglipuran Traditional Village



Penglipuran village is a beautiful highland village in the regency of Bangli, best known for its well-preserved culture and village layout. While most of its residents have embraced modernity, its individual compounds are well-kept to look traditional with visitors in mind, with manicured gardens lining its single linear stone-paved street that runs through the center of the village toward the village temple and age-old arched entrance gates and walls that conceal their houses within.

The village offers a cool mountain atmosphere at around 700 m above sea level, and spans over a hundred hectares, comprising bamboo forests (with trails that are popular among trekking and mountain biking tours), farming land and the main village neighborhood site. The majestic Pura Desa or village temple that overlooks the village at the end of the stone road is worth a visit, where you can admire its striking elemental architecture.

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Enter any of the houses through their arched gates, and you are welcomed by friendly residents who willingly show you around their compound. Old bricks still stand in their place, traditional kitchens are covered in soot from the billowing wood fire hearths and the compounds are uniquely laid out, each following an old Balinese spatial and architectural set of rules. Best time to visit is during the Galungan day celebrations, which occur every six months, when ornate ‘penjor’ are erected in front of each house and line the street, creating a spectacular sight.

Opening Hours:
8 am – 5 pm

Entrance Fee / person:
25.000 IDR

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