Nungnung Waterfall



nungnung1 -Of all the spectacular waterfalls in Bali, Nungnung Waterfall is one of the most beautiful and impressive, but also virtually unknown to tourists. A real treat to those intrepid enough to seek it out!

Descend into a deep, cool gorge down hundreds of steps and you will be rewarded with an amazing sight. Nungnung is 70 meters high, and the amount of water thundering down into the plunge pool is truly impressive, especially during the rainy season. Nature and photography lovers will be blown away by this magical place and it makes a wonderful day out.

nungnung2 -The path down to the falls has recently been renovated and new handrails have been added, but it’s still a steep and slippery hike down. But if you’re used to exploring off the beaten track and feel up to the challenge, make sure to wear sturdy shoes!

Who it’s perfect for:
Photographers, trekkers, nature lovers and adventurous explorers in search of the most spectacular views in Bali.

What else:
Remember that after you’ve hiked down all those steps, you’ll have to hike back up! There are several bales that act as rest stops and a small warung (restaurant) at the top, but don’t rely on it being open when you return. Make sure to take plenty of water as you’ll be getting quite a workout!

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