Life Force Energy




life force energy -We are amazing beings of energy, with a spiritual life force that constantly feeds and nourishes us. And our energy is always in motion, affected by our thoughts, experiences and our environment. The existence of energy fields around living organisms has been scientifically proven using many different techniques which have been able to capture these energy fields. Our physical body is just one piece of our entire being. We also have what are known as subtle bodies, and these are made up of higher frequency energy but in general we are not able to detect them with our physical senses.

All levels of our being exist in the same physical space at the same time, superimposed upon one another. We know that this is possible because frequencies such as radio, television and satellite broadcasts constantly fill the air, but because their vibrations all differ they generally don’t interfere with one another. Each layer of our subtle body vibrates at a higher frequency and extends a little further out from the physical body than the previous level. And each layer of the subtle body has a different function.

Our subtle energies work from the higher frequency levels downward until they manifest at the physical level. So, you can see these subtle energy fields create our physical body, and not the other way around. Our physical bodies could not exist without the spiritual life force that constantly supports it. When this energy leaves the body, our physical body dies and begins to break down. Our Spirit is our individual spark of the Divine, and it fills us with the higher guiding intelligence of the Universe.

Our Soul is the connection between our physical body and our Spirit, and provides communication between the two. It is our consciousness, and forever remains connected to the Creator, God, or whatever term you like to use.

The first subtle energy field closest to the physical body is known as the etheric body. This body is like an energetic template of our physical body and it contains the all of the information the cells of our physical body need for growth and repair.

Take care of your energy system for optimal health.

Our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness are all affected by the functioning of our energetic body.

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