Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss: Can You Do It Yourself?



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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Wait, read this article before you do Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss. In this modern time, more and more people are facing with weight loss problem. They can gain weight easily as they can easily get food. People do not need to prepare and cook food for a long time as they can easily buy it. But, the problem is that some food is quickly prepared and it contains lots of fat. Fast food, or some people call it junk food, can be the main reason why people gaining weight so fast. The numbers of people gaining weight are increasing as they consume more fast food.

Of course fast food is not only the main reason why people gaining weight easily. People might have bad habit like lacking in exercise and like to sleep right after eating. Or, some people are lazy to move their body that the fat cannot be burned and they keep gaining weight. For some people working in a office, facing a computer all day long might find it hard to do exercise and as they mostly use their mind and their fingers to work, they can gain weight easily. And … Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss might be the answer.

Some other reasons is that people do not really measure and think of what they eat. They like to eat a lot and never think of the calorie should be taken within the range of their body. Thus, gaining weight is just matter of time. They just like to eat to get energy and to get satisfaction. They even do not like to bother with cooking or try to get a healthy food and it results in their body.

Having a healthy body is not a given, instead, it is a choice. One might gain weight as he is a child, but when he grows up and he knows how to do exercise and take care of the body, then having ideal weight is a choice.

The difference between a person who has ideal body and the one having overweight is the effort they put in exercise. Thus, having a healthy body is a choice. If you like to eat delicious food and you like to eat a lot, having exercise will help you to maintain your body weight. You do not have to suffer from many diseases because you can get rid of the fat in your body.

Why Gaining Weight Easily?

Unfortunately for some people, they do not have a strong mind to even begin with thinking about their body. Some people find it hard to take care of their body because their mind is easily get occupied by other things (This kinda person might need Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss). Let’s have an example of people who focus only on their work and they have no time to even care about other things beside work. This can be understood since some people are really dedicated to their work and they have no time to take care of their body.

Or, some people might find it hard to have a positive mind because they cannot get over bad memory easily. Let’s take a look at people who get trauma in a childhood or someone who has just lost their precious ones. They will find it hard to forget about them. Some people with deep sorrow inside will find it hard to even keep their spirit up to live a normal life.

Unfortunately, these people find peace in eating. They love the fact they can eat delicious food to cover their sad feeling. For these types of people, sometimes they find it hard to talk to others. It’s not that they cannot talk, but rather they choose to not talk. They think that there is no benefit or good things that will happen by talking their problems to other people. They might figure out about other people’s reaction and they choose to keep their problem for them only. This can also be an option for them, but sometimes when people get their feeling bottled up inside, they usually find one as a replacement, speak of which is eating.

If this thing continues on, then the person will gain weight easily because the only solution that they can have to be happy is by eating a lot. It can be a serious problem when the weight reach to certain number and the person gets many diseases because of that.

Can a Person do their Own Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss?

People who have strong mind control can easily do this. For them that think it is bothersome to even talk to other people about their problem and choose other stuff like eating to relieve their stress is actually having a strong mind set. It is just that the person hasn’t found the best solution to relieve stress and just jump up with eating as the first solution.

Some people do not talk to other people about their problem is not because they zre introvert or because they do not want to interact with other people. Some people find it in peace if they can just keep their own problem. Yet they do not realize that their body is gaining weight day by day.

When the body gains weight easily and the person doesn’t realize it soon, then it will become a serious problem. One will look so fine interacting with other people and show no worry, but the health problems are arising. One needs to figure out the fastest solution so that the body will stop gaining weight.

How to Do Your Own Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss?

You need to have several list to come up with a plan. You might begin with:

  1. What food do you usually eat?
  2. What kind of fast food you usually order?
  3. How do you like your food to be cooked?
  4. How much portion do you usually eat per sitting?
  5. Does your food vary from protein, carbohydrate, vitamin, etc?
  6. How much exercise you do daily?
  7. What kind of drink you like?
  8. Do you like to cook?

Some of the questions above might help you to do your own Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss. If you think that you gain weight easily, you can try to figure out on which part you get the fat easily. You might count your calorie intake and compare it with your need per day. Think also about your routine exercise and how it can burn some fat in your body. If you do not have much exercise, then you need to reduce the number of calorie intake so that you can keep your weight in balance.

You can also think about how your food prepared. If you do not want to be bothered by doing a lot exercise, you can plan your diet by having less fat by cooking your food boiled or baked. It will easily reduce your intake of fat and you can slowly reduce your body weight.

Of course the best way to reduce body weight is by exercising. But if you cannot do it, then you need to measure everything that goes into your mouth. Do not let any addition of calorie go inside your body that makes you ruin your plan in diet. And the best way is to control your subconscious by Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss.

How to Convince Your Mind?

If you have come up with a plan for your diet such as reducing the calorie and choose the healthy way to cook your food, then you need to make used to it. The best solution is making those healthy habits as your habit. Of course it is not a easy thing to do as you are already used by living that way. But one thing that you can try is by changing your old habit. The first thing that you have to do is forcing yourself in doing it. Force yourself to eat healthy food and in the range of calorie that you set already. How to?

Forcing Yourself to Healthy Habit

Forcing yourself to limit your intake in food can be done if you have a strong desire. Everyone has a dream. Think of your dream as your goal to force yourself to do it. It doesn’t have to aim for your dream directly. You can think of as on the staircase to your dream. For example, if you want to be doctor, then you need to have a strong body to study and practice. If you want to be a reporter, you need to report the news in any situation and you will need strong healthy body for it. Having weight gain will easily slowing your job and you cannot execute your job well.

Just think of your dream and think of it as a goal for your weight loss. Force yourself to do it and keep on telling to your mind that you have to do it or your dream will fade away without showing any result.

If you can force yourself to do it, then gradually it can become your habit. Never forget about your goal and keep on doing your good habit. The result can be soon if you are already persistent about it.

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