Hypnotherapy for Children: What to Do at Adolescent?



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Hypnotherapy Children

Hypnotherapy children has become a new option for people who want their beloved children get cured from disorder. People have been doing research and many approaches are attempted in order to get the best solution for some mental health problems. The study of hypnotherapy has been done many years and you can see many skilled doctoral level of therapist. With their knowledge, they combine hypnosis and other medications so that the patient can be treated well and in a certain range of time, he can be cured.

Hypnotherapy Children and Fantasy

Children still have fantasy in their mind and often they still cannot think straight about the reality. In fact, this is really helpful when they do hypnotherapy. The therapist find it easier to do the hypnosis because the children are full of fantasy. The therapist can use this fantasy to put suggestions into their mind.

It is different from adults who already know about reality better. Sometimes, it is hard to convince them and as a result, the range time of treatment is usually longer.

Hypnotherapy Children, is it Wrong?

It is not always good, in fact, to do hypnotherapy children. For this case, it is better to not do therapy for a very young child. If your child is about 2-5 years old and do bed wetting, fussy eating, and tantrums, you need to let it be and not to do the hypnotherapy children. It is part of their growing and they need those behaviors to grow.

Some parents are over thinking and just think that the tantrums might be a mental problem. In fact, children are normally like that. If your child shows tantrum at those age, try to think about the reason. Mostly children at that age are in need of affection and attention from the parents. They need to feel loved and be comfortable with the parents.

Attention is the key

Toilet training has been always hard because it needs persistency. You need to put extra attention if your child is still too young. Accompany them and play with them. Train them slowly about their eating habit and toilet training. With your patience, you will see the result as your kid grows older.

For the tantrum, you need to make sure that you accompany your child. They need you in their daily growing. Do not blame it on other people or the environment if your child has tantrum. It has always been you the one your child needs. As a part of the growing, your child demands a lot from you, but if you are able to pull it well, your child will grow beautifully with clear mindset and good habit.

Ideal Age for Hypnotherapy Children

As early age is too young to do hypnotherapy children, it is better to do it in their teenage. You can do therapy at the age of 14-16 years old. It is a great time for them to do therapy if they still show tantrum or they have some disorders.

Why having the age of 13 and below is not really good for hypnotherapy children? It is still part of their growing and other attempts can still be done for them. You can try to do consulting and give some restrictions for them. Create rules that both you and your child agree and try to discipline them. It is not always strict but if you set up a clear rule and punishment, your child will be able to follow it. Also, give compliment if your child accomplishes something.

Love your children

Your love to your child is still the biggest motivation for them to do and act better. Thus, giving attention to their activities, correcting them when they do wrong, and praising their achievement will slowly discipline them and they will not show any tantrum or other disorder.

Ideal Environment for Children

If you try to discipline your child and eradicate the tantrum or other disorder, your attention for him is the main thing to do. Other than that, you need to make sure that your child gets a healthy environment. It means, the neighborhood needs to be supportive and you need to make sure that the people live there are nice. If you live in a good environment, your child will take them as example and they will also follow the good habit.

It will be different is you cannot provide a good environment for them. Children learn fast from their environment and if some people can easily talk bad in front of your kids, they can easily follow it without realizing it. Thus, make sure to choose the best environment from them.

Problem of Adolescent

As for adolescent, children are growing bodily and mentally. The changes might be drastic from childhood to almost grown-up person. These drastic changes might be too extreme for them and sometimes they can create discomfort.

They will face the several changes in mood and they also have to adapt well with their environment. The changes in mood might impact on their behavior. At those range of age, children naturally have attraction toward another gender. Thus, they will have problematic issue as they grow. If the parents cannot guide them well and accompany them in their growth, some anxiety and disorder might arise. As they feel uncomfortable to talk about their worries to their parents, the need of therapist is really important.

Doing Hypnotherapy Children

If you see the drastic changes to your child and you think you cannot be the one who is there for him, you need to have therapist to help you. Children of adolescent tend to hide their worries from their parents as they can feel shy to talk about it. They also have the sense of responsibility and thus, they are afraid to disappoint the parents if they talk about it.

By giving the help through the therapist, the therapist can be the bridge of communication between you and your child. The therapist, as he is professional, will know how to deal with your child’s problem and find the best solution. It is really important that during the process, you keep accompanying your child. Even though you are not the one your child is talking to, yet, you can give your support through the Hypnotherapy Children session.

Communicate with your children

The communication between you and your child is still needed, although it is not directly about the main worry. But, make sure that your child knows you will always be there for him. You need to give the feeling of safety to your child.

Give Trust to Your Child

During the time of the treatment, you need to give your fully trust to your child. As he grows, you need to believe that he can handle the situation well. He will be responsible of his own decision and you need to respect it.

The belief and respect that you give to your child will feel like a support for him. He will try his best to not disappoint you at the end. The trust that you build during his adolescent will remain forever as he will always remember it.

Support your children

Another support that you can give to your child is by having a deep conversation with your wife or husband. You need to let your partner know that your child is in the state of having problem and is trying to solve it. Thus, you need to have your partner’s understanding to not interrogate the child and give some space. Your child will feel your sincerity and thus the problem will not get any bigger.

The communication between parents, child, and the therapist is really important to maintain the good environment for your child’s problem solving. Thus, you need to keep in touch and make sure to talk everything needed.

Provide Support from Your Child’s Friends

As an addition to your effort, you can try to contact your child’s friends and ask their support. Ask them to give support to your child and accompany him when he feels lonely or he has too much worry. Thus, your child will not be left behind and he will always find a friend to talk to.

A friend can be someone really helpful when your child does not want to talk about his problem to you. Your child’s friend can also give motivation and help your child to keep on striving.

Reward your children

When the time comes when your child is free from worry and can let the burden gone, you can reward him by having a vacation together with the family. You can think of it as providing something new to your child. A new day, a new goal, a new spirit, and he will be really glad. Always be there for him and plan a great adventure during the trip to lift up his spirit. It will be really beneficial when your child is able to find his new goal and set his own plan for his future. Let the worries behind and start a new journey of life for you and your child.

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