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hypnotherapy in ubud
hypnotherapy in ubud

Are you looking for the Best Hypnotherapy in Ubud?As one of the best tourist’s destinations in Bali, Ubud is blessed with the amazing nature and it is also known as the center of art in Bali. That is why; it is so easy to find many art galleries there that show various kinds of artworks such as painting, sculpture, statue, and etc. With the beautiful nature around, Ubud is like a perfect location for hypnotherapy and you can find the hypnotherapy in Ubud.

The Hypnotherapy trend is a psychotherapy way by using the hypnosis technique and nowadays this technique is really famous. Maybe, it is because our society always sees the stage hypnosis shown on television. However, there is one wrong thing that becomes the wrong mindset in society. It is because most of the people thought that hypnosis is the easy way to erase their anxiety and many other types of mental health problem in a quick time. The desire from society to find quick healing with the instant methods is not the right things.

Why? It is because someone with the mental health issue (whatever the types) like worry, depression, anxiety, insomnia, up to schizophrenia, is not caused by something instant. That is why; they need the gradual treatment to get the best result and a long-lasting one.  In this article, we will talk more about this and the right Hypnotherapy in Ubud.

Hypnotherapy as a Therapy Modality

The Hypnotherapy that is done by the people is not wrong at all, but it can be totally wrong if it was done by some who are not having the proper knowledge and experience about hypnosis and not knowing about the psychotherapy basics. We can say that it is so dangerous. It is because they directly do therapy to the people or patient without doing the diagnose process. It must be remembered that as a therapy modality, Hypnotherapy is only a kind of therapy. In other words, we can say that Hypnotherapy is not the only therapy for all kinds of psychiatric disorders.

As a therapy modality, Hypnotherapy can be useful. However, because a psychiatric disorder has consisted of several factors such as the biological, psychological, and social, it is better for a hypnotherapist to know further about his ability. About the thing that they can do and don’t. The most important thing is that diagnoses have to be done properly. It is an absolute thing to do before starting therapy. The right therapy will make the therapist is able to give the right session. The solution is that we have to be wise in choosing therapy. It can be done by reading a lot of references and asking a lot. We can read the trusted website to gain more information about Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy in Ubud

If you are looking for the Hypnotherapy in Ubud, you have to choose the best one. What I mean here is, the hypnotherapist must be the legal one. You can ask about his certificate because usually there will be several certificates given from the Therapist such as the IHC or the ‘Indonesia Hypnosis Community’ and many more again.

Just like me in Wiweka Healing, I am akin legal and professional one. In addition, the therapy also combines the classic Hypnotherapy with some other modern techniques for the therapy such as Kinesiology, NLP or the neuro-linguistic programming and EFT or the ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’. I have passion to help other people through my metaphysical and spiritual knowledge. In addition, I’m still using the proper Hypnotherapy method with the proper stages as well such as diagnose etc, so it is 100% secure. This technique is combined with the Balinese Healing as well to help my clients release their suffering or issue.

The advantages of Hypnotherapy

Doing a Hypnotherapy in Ubud will be an unforgettable experience in your life because you can feel the peacefulness combined with the mesmerizing nature of green jungles, rice fields, and many more again. Maybe, it is hard to find this similar thing in the other places. Furthermore, Hypnotherapy itself has a lot of advantages to overcome your problem and health issue. Below are the benefits of Hypnotherapy based on psychology knowledge:

1. Overcome Obesity

Hypnotherapy can be used to reduce your weight. It means that everyone with the obesity problem should try this method. Hypnotherapy will be done by stimulating the client’s perception and make them consume the foods at the proper amount. The client will change his habit and perception of food. It is in line with research done by Cochrane in 2009 that states Hypnotherapy can be used for obesity to reduce the weight through his article with the title of ‘Psychological Intervention for Overweight or Obesity”.

2. Stop Smoking

Smoking is a kind of habit that difficult to stop although the smokers knew that smoking is bad for their health and for the surround people. Mostly, some smokers really want to stop this smoking habit, but it is hard to reject something that is addictive. Hypnotherapy can help them to stimulate the desire for smoking, drinking alcohol, or anything else so that it can be reduced and you as the client will have a better quality of life.

3. Deleting the Anxiety

Anxiety appears like the individual perception (which is the bad perception) about a situation. Hypnotherapy can help someone to reduce her anxiety, such as in a pregnancy period. Hypnotherapy will use the relaxation techniques approaches to make the mind is more relaxing and reduce worries felt by the people.

4. Asthma

Asthma is the out of breath condition because of the allergic effect that causes the narrowing on the airway or someone breathing system. Asthma can be triggered by stress or fatigue. Hypnotherapy will help someone to reduce asthma by stimulating its stress stage and making the clients is more relaxing.

5. Overcoming the depression

Depression can be caused by too much stress and someone is unable to bring his mind into the balance condition. Hypnotherapy can be also used for someone with depression because of too much stress and shows the deviant symptoms. This technique will make the client is relaxed, and help to give him a positive suggestion so that it will be remembered by the clients.

6. Phobia

Phobia is an excessive fear of an object triggered by certain understanding or bad imagination about that object. Healing for phobia is hard to find, but Hypnotherapy can be a solution for this. Phobia is unable to be healed by medical drugs because it is related to someone’s perception in an object or situation. Hypnotherapy can change the bad perception made by someone; whether it is about an object or a situation like the dark place, and many more again. This thing has been stated into many pieces of research such as from Kroger ad Fezler, 1976, about a phobia in a plane.

7. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Hypnotherapy in Ubud like offered by Wiweka Healing is also able to overcome the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Usually, this kind of disorder is owned by them who have a quite heavy psychological traumatize. Hypnotherapy can overcome this dissociative experience or a sad experience because of a disaster. For the example is like a condition where someone was losing his parents when the tsunami happened, lost their money, kids, and many more again.

8. Immune System

The immune system is related to the stress level of someone’s body. Hypnotherapy can make your body is more relaxed and far away from stressful condition to trigger your body for producing the immune system to make it is stronger than before. Hypnotherapy can increase the amount of T- Cell and B cell based on research by Ruyylasmith et al in 1995.

Those are some benefits can be done by doing a Hypnotherapy in Ubud. In addition, there are also some other benefits that you can get by doing the Hypnotherapy technique such as to overcome the Irritable Bowel System, obsessive-compulsive behavior, migraine, Trichotillomania (TTM), Emotional disorder, Focus, sleeping disorder, hypnoanesthesia (preparation for medical operation), and many more.

Find the best hypnotherapy in Ubud

The most important thing is that you have to find is the well-experienced and professional Hypnotherapy in Ubud like the Wiweka Healing that has been helping others by Hypnotherapy method for years. In addition, the willingness from you as the patient is also an important thing because it can determine the success of therapy. You will be helped by a professional therapist for this case and make sure that you hear and do everything that I ask you to do. It is also important, to be honest to the therapy for everything I ask to you because it will be used to make a diagnostic so I can give the right Hypnotherapy session for you.

So, are you ready to have the Hypnotherapy in Ubud? Wiweka Healing can help you to overcome various kinds of problem that you have with the relaxing and effective Hypnotherapy session.

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