How pessimistic verses positive thinking affects you



OptimistVsPessimist 1 -

Pessimistic – My spiritual, mental, and physical states hinder me from achieving my goals and…I can do nothing about it.

Positive – My spiritual, mental, and physical being is fallen short of my expectations to achieve my goals, yet I have the power within me to find solutions to reform my thinking.


You see that in the two examples the affirmatives in positive thinking cleared the path for this person to see that he/she does have the power to reform his/her spiritual, mental, and physical being.

Now what this person has to do is practice relaxation, mediation, and breathing natural so that it clears the mind, giving the person room to think clearly.

First, the person must explore his/her spiritual, mental, and physical being.

How to explore:

Spiritual – is your traditions, beliefs, morals, values, customs, ethnicity, cultures, etc.

Your habits have something to do with your spiritual states, yet these habits form from influences, learning and experiences that rest in your past. Notice the keywords past- influences – experiences – learning since you will need to explore this area of your life to develop new ways.

Mental – this is your intellectual mind. Within this mind is your rationale, psychological affairs that make up the subliminal and conscious mind.

Physical – physical expands further than your body, eyes, hands, etc; it also involves your views of material, objectives, purity, and so on.

Now that you have an understanding of your spiritual, mental, and physical being, you can start the process of exploring your past- influences – experiences – learning to develop an optimistic way of thinking.

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