Hidden Canyon – Guwang



hidden canyon1 -Beji Guwang hidden canyon is a river with a stone wall that is formed and patterned very wonderful, because eroded by river water for hundreds of thousands of years to create a masterpiece that makes everyone amazed. Beji Guwang hidden canyon is the best activity in Bali, nature, water activities, adventure, trekking, hiking.

It presents a very beautiful natural scenery and stunning, Beji Guwang hidden canyon does not have many supporting fasilities, apart from being new opened to the public so we must keep its authenticity.

The rocks in this area are enormous, slippery and sharp so watch your step. The area is so secret for the locals, for those of you who have sixth sense or senses sensitively, you will get to see some spirit of the guard at this place then one of them is like the crowned of dragon as mostly local people deliver to us. This spirit will not bother you while you still respect and did not do bad.

hidden canyon2 -We suggest you guys to use the services of a guide from the local population, as well as a guide that will help you to get you there so you do not get lost or reduce the possibility of accidents. They will also help you bring your bag and also as a reminder to you what you can and can not do in this place, because this place is very secret so we may not to disturb the spirit in this place.

What to bring: Slippers, Dry Bag, Towel, Swimsuit, Clothes to change

Hiking Duration: around 2 hours

Opening Hours: 8 am – 5.30 pm

Entrance Fee / person: 15.000 IDR + 100.000 IDR for the guide (per group)




Not recommend to elderly or people who have a weak physical.

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