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energy healing in bali
energy healing in bali

If you are looking for the energy healing in Bali, you will find a lot of references which a lot of people felt that the energy healing can make their lives are better and even more, it can save their life.

Bali is a paradise for them who are looking for a great vacation. It is an island where you can find the harmony between modern and traditional things because they are walking inline. What we mean here is that the local people of Bali keep their tradition and culture really well, but in the other side, they are not rejecting the modern things as long as it is not breaking their tradition. With its peacefulness, strong spiritual nuance, and harmony, Bali is the perfect place to find several healing methods, especially for your mental or psychological aspect. One of the healing systems there is energy healing. You have to know that energy healing in Bali is so popular among the local people there and among the foreigners.

For the example is a condition of someone which the bad crash experience where his bones are in a bad condition as well; he needed to do a lot of medical operation actions that need a long time and for sure it needs a lot of time and costs as well. In that condition, he felt really angry, stressful and full of hate. Then someday, he came to Bali and met the healers. He said that the healer maybe did not experience what he experienced, but the healer just like an angel for him because somehow the healer made him realize that he was blessed because he could easily have died because of the crash. Afterward, he became more peaceful, stronger, and successful as well.

It seems that Bali can teach you things that cannot be explained. Furthermore, the energy healing in Bali is also so popular until it was taken as a scene in the ‘eat, pray, and love’ movie starred by Julia Robert. In that movie, you can see that she visited some Bali Healers to fix several problems in their life. Since that movie, the Balinese healer including the energy healing therapist becomes more popular in Bali and in the world. You can even see the Balinese healing in a reality show starred by the Kardashian families where the scene was taken when they were in Bali. Now, the question is that, how can it be? Why energy healing can take a super great effect for someone?

Energy Healing in Bali to Cure the Illness

Energy healing to cure the illness is maybe a new thing for most of the people. Usually, energy healing is not only using one healing method. Basically, this method believes that there is not an illness that cannot be cured as long as God wants. The main thing is that there is not a failure, what happened is maybe only the method that is used is not right. That is why; it is essential to find the right method for the illness. However, most of the therapist has a mindset that recovery is not only from the healer or therapist but also from the patient. It means that the therapist and healer must have strongly believed and never give up. They have to do everything that they can and don’t stop to pray.

In some cases, the energy healing in Bali can be also used to cure someone who is living at a long distance place. It can be done with energy transfer. The energy will be transferred by nature vibration, such as sound and light vibration. If the patient can meet up the therapist directly, the therapist can transfer the energy at that time. So, how it is worked? Usually, some therapists just need to say the complete name of the patient. However, if the patient and therapist can meet, a therapist just needs to transfer it directly. In that energy transfer session, usually the patient will feel the warm temperature where the therapist transfers his energy; if the patient is located at the other place (long distance healing), usually the patient will feel that his health or condition is much better.

The other question that maybe appears is that how many times someone needs to have this energy healing in Bali? Basically, it is varied based on the patient’s condition. Just like a doctor, energy healing or other alternative healing also has a special method to diagnose an illness. The example is like doing a diagnostic by seeing and screening the patient history. The interesting thing is that a therapist can also see the chakra that is owned by someone. It is based on the information from a therapist that every people have 7 different cakra on their body. If there is something wrong with the body organ, usually the color of that organ’s cakra will change.

Energy Healing in Bali for self-development

Besides having a benefit, energy healing also has a benefit for the self-development. It is related to energy as the source of motivation from the heart. A motivation coming from the heart is the power of soul and mind from our body and it is a Gift from God since we were born on this world. Motivation is like a support system in our life so that we can do the best thing every day. Motivation greatly helps us in transforming lives in all aspects including biology related to body organs, psychologically related to mental and emotional, social related to the success of physical and spiritual life relating to God as the giver of the soul to achieve happiness, calmness, tranquility, well-being, and peace in life.

Energy healing in Bali will explain that motivation which is able to awaken our inside power that can be synergized with the natural power so that it can create a strong power and it can be beneficial for the body organs healing, mental, emotion, and soul. In fact, our body has two different powers; the positive and negative power that always works every day and it becomes a struggle. If we use the positive power so that the only energy that will get closer to us is the positive energy; vice versa if we use the negative power it will make the negative energy always get closer to us.

So, it depends on us. Which power that we will use and it will form our character that is related to our mental and spiritual? That power comes from the soul that moves the body, mind, and heart. Through the energy healing in Bali, we can increase our consciousness so that we can know ourselves better and tell our mind to be a better, healthier, happier, and more successful person every day in the life. We can recognize our body, heart, and mind through the help of Balinese energy healing therapy. With the proper session for the therapy, we will able to repair, keep, and maintain what is in the body so that we can reach the goal as we want to have.

It is like what we will meet in the Wiweka Healing, an extraordinary Balinese Healing located in Ubud. The healing technique that is mostly used is the life force energy with the scientific principle. It is done to create a natural and powerful field of healing energy. This life force is somehow the strong energy given to the therapy since he was born. We can say that it is a special skill that is not owned by all people. It will be combined with the existing protocols that he has in place since he was born. It is so effective to revive the whole body to back to normal and be healthy at the same time.

The energy healing in Bali like it is given by Wiweka Healing will release the blocked energy. It will make the patient has a closer connection with physical freedom, spiritual freedom, and also emotional freedom. It will be also combined with the traditional Balinese massage techniques to give a quick improvement of the whole healing process. The hypnotherapy technique is also used on this process to give only the positive suggestion based on each patient condition.

With the whole explanation above, the energy healing in Bali can help someone to have a better life with better quality. Just like the first case that we wrote in the first part of this article, the patient will learn how to forgive himself, forgive the other people, and also forgive the condition. It will make them feel more peaceful and happier at the same time where it will have a positive impact on someone life and health.

So, maybe it is also the perfect healing for you to fix several problems in your life. Just come to Bali and find the best energy healing in Bali such as the Wiweka Healing to meet the professional and expert therapists who are so kind and helpful at the same time.

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