Discovering Humanity in Self Development



humanity -

Our intellectual minds compose of gooey matters inside that houses information that we had learned throughout our lifetime. Inside the mind is our subliminal and conscious mind, which most times we rely on the conscious mind to guide us through life. We need balance.

We have developed throughout our lives points of views that display themselves within our behaviors. Our perspective of life is seen with every word or action we display to another human being. We have standpoints, which often back our beliefs.

The problem is many of the beliefs we have are tainted by influences in our society. We lose control because our beliefs in most instances do not have facts to back what we were taught. We have our traditions too. These traditions have proven influential in guiding us to who we are. But who are we? What makes us a human being?

Moreover, we have modernized influences that has gave us opinions, ideas, and notions that lead us to believe that force us to make certain changes to conform to a societies standard. This toys with our beliefs and traditions too. Each influence in our past has reflected on our attitude, which reflects on others as well.

Our behaviors demonstrate these attitudes. To reform back to development of humanity we must ask…What is my attitude and how does it reflect on others and my overall success?

Physical –

Our attitudes reflect our physical states. Since we demonstrate body language when we speak, sleep, eat, and so on, people will notice how influences has factored into describing us as whom we are. Rarely do they see the true person standing before them.

Spiritual –

Our heart – spirit is where inclinations emerge. Our inclinations affect the way we think, which often shows in our emotional responses.

We have the power to condition the heart. Since the spirit makes reflects on the mind we have the power to bring this heart back to humanity.

Humane attitudes make up empathy, compassion, love, kindness, feeling, concern, sensitivity, etc, which is the nucleus or core of our being.

To develop your spiritual, mental, and physical self you must start by examining your heart.

Since you cannot truly examine your heart without your mind, you must learn to use your subliminal and conscious mind, bringing them in harmony by exploring who you are.

Review each aspect of you. Consider your viewpoints, opinions, ideas, beliefs, traditions and so on.

As you review the aspects that help, you to develop humane qualities think of your culture. Your culture and ethnic background also plays a part in what you believe. Review by checking your traditions, customs, and your way of life as it is right now. While you are reviewing, your aspects also consider your personality.

Our personality tendency and traits has a blend of literate society, feelings of the heart/divine messenger that pushes the emotional responses to rejoin. The abstractions, and slant* we feel follow the same patterns of the human mind quest. The cast spawn collectively echoes, reflecting in our new wrinkle*.

Abstractions are fundamentally subdivisions of our intricate personality traits, which indisputably helps us to discover our intuitive and have the aptitude, in view of the fact that it challenges to reshape our eccentricity or personality by broadcasting to our subliminal and conscious psyche. Many times the subliminal mind catches information that the conscious has no room to store and these details are hidden in the dark corners of our subconscious mind.

Overall, we must examine the heart, emotions, and our overall entirety of which we are now and what we had learned to develop humane qualities and restore ourselves back to our natural origin. Take self-headway tactics and use them to your advantage.

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