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Balinese Healing

Balinese healing is so popular among the people in Bali and also the tourists. It offers you the different experience of healing because mostly the therapist or the healer will not even touch you or give you any drugs. This healing is usually known as Usada where this traditional healing method uses natural herbs and spices, ancient wisdom, and holistic therapies to cure mental and physical illness. This healing method is so popular where you can even see it in several television programs and movies such as the ‘eat, pray, and love’ starred by Julia Roberts. The Balinese healing also appeared on a scene in a show starred by the Kardashian family.

To be in harmony

We can say that in this healing method, you will find the perfect harmony and combination between the Balinese remedies, energy work, and massage at the same time. Actually, the Balinese live equally in 2 worlds called ‘sekala’ and ‘Niskala’. Here is the description of that:

  • SEKALA means the ‘seen’ or conscious world
  • NISKALA means the ‘unseen’ world or the unconscious

Both of these elements are believed by the Balinese as the perfect way for healing an ill patient. To restore balance in both of these worlds, a Balian or traditional Balinese Healer will help you.

More about Balian

Balian is also known as ‘dukun’ or ‘shaman’ in the traditional language of Bali. We may call him as a therapist in a Balinese healing session. Balians will work with the divine energy used to treat mental and physical illness, channel energy from ancestors, and remove spells. The next question is that; from where their power is coming from? Mostly, Balians got their power in different ways. Some Balians got it naturally or received wahyu as a divine inspiration and also heal from their heart. Some other Balians learn about this healing method from the ancient scriptures that is called lontar and also appreciated with the master.

The status of Balian

There is an interesting fact were in Bali these Balians are even having the same status as a doctor. A lot of people respect them so much and there are several ‘rules’ that the patient has to obey when they met the Balians. For the examples, patients have to wear sarong and temple scarf. In addition, touching the Balians’ face or head is also not recommended. Basically, Balians got their ability by studying year by year although someone maybe got his ability naturally.

Balinese healingWhat you can expect?

It is not wrong if you want to try the traditional Balinese healing on this island of gods. However, you need to set your expectation so that you will not get disappointed or etc. If you want to see or meet the Balian, you have to ask yourself about your aim because meeting a Balian is a serious matter. In fact, it is not a tourist’s attraction because it needs to be attended with respect especially if you really need healing. In the other side, you have to choose as well whether you want to choose the private service of common service.

What we mean here is that some Balian services are public. It means that when you were healed or in a healing session, other patients or clients will also watch you avidly. In addition, there is also some Balian or Balinese healing therapy that makes their service is private where it will be only you and the therapist in a session. The healer can do many things during this healing session such as creating fire, draw patterns of your body, apply scented oil, do hypnotherapy, do a Balinese massage, and many more again. After a treatment, usually you will feel better or maybe you will need more than one treatment to get a fully healed condition.

Herbal and natural

We have said earlier that Balinese healing will not give you certain medicine to drink. However, some Balinese traditional healer can also give you a natural medicine made from the herbs such as ‘loloh’ and ‘boreh’. Some of the natural medicines have to be eaten or drunk and some of them are needed to be scrubbed on your skin. To meet a Balian, usually, you need to make an appointment first where you can ask your hotel service about it or you can find it yourself from the internet.

How about the ‘Hypnotherapy Healing’?

In Bali, you can find the Hypnotherapy healing method. What is this? Hypnotherapy is using Hypnosis concept, but it is not as same as the hypnotized. It is because hypnotize is mostly referring to something bad such as the criminal case. Basically, the hypnotize concept can be used for several beneficial things such as healing, especially for the psychology traumatize or psychological illness. Hypnotize itself is a communication technique to add several suggestions to someone through his subconscious. This suggestion is a therapeutic type.

The usage

The usage of this hypnotizes method then creates the hypnotherapy saying. Usually, it will be added with several techniques to handle some psychological problems owned by someone. Hypnotherapy has a lot of benefits. What we mean here is that it is not only to cure the soul or psychological problems, but also the illness related to the medical world. In a medical world, Hypnotherapy can be used to relieve pain such as for the cancer patients where they feel the pain and it cannot be healed with painkillers. A hypnotherapy technique can be used to relieve that pain.

Various Techniques that can be combined with Hypnotherapy

In addition, there are also more people who use this Hypnotherapy technique during labor to relieve the pain. In addition, it can be also used to reduce nausea during the first three semesters of pregnancy, and many more again.

In traditional Balinese healing, hypnotherapy can be combined with various techniques. What are the techniques? Those are Balinese traditional massage, spiritual healing, intention healing, spiritual guidance, prana healing, metaphysical approach, and life force reactivation just like what you can get from a Balinese healing service at Wiweka Healing. The hypnotherapy itself consists of several steps before it is done. It is essential to find someone or a therapy that has the professional and years of experience about this healing method. It is to ensure that he will do the proper thing and choose the right healing based on your problem; whether it is a physical or psychological problem.

Combination of modern and traditional method

The therapist will also use the energy healing where this method is used to release the blocked energy. This way will make someone is healthier than before and it will make someone is getting closer with the physical, spiritual, and emotional freedom at the same time. The other technique combined with Hypnotherapy is Prana. What is this? Prana healing technique uses Prana to cure physical and emotional illness. The word Prana itself derives from the Sanskrit that means ‘life energy’ or ‘vital energy’. In the Chinese language, it is known as chi and in the Japanese language, it is known as Ki. In the Greece language, Prana is also called pneuma. Spiritually, the word Prana is also called ‘truth’ or the breath of life.

The benefit

With this great combination, Balinese healing by using the hypnotherapy, prana healing, and other combinations are able to cure several illnesses; started from the physical illness like migraine, diabetes, influenza, insomnia, fever, asthma, high blood pressure, heart attack, arthritis, and many more again. In addition, it is also great to cure some psychological problem such as traumatize, anxiety, worry, and many more again because these kinds of problem can disturb someone life. This Balinese healing is also a great option to make you are in peace with yourself, your condition, with the other people, and with the nature around you.

However, it is not an ‘alternative healing’

One thing that we want to tell you is that this kind of healing is not alternative healing because it is not made to replace medical healing. As we have known that Balinese healing usually not uses any medicine to drink or eat. That is why; it is more properly if we called this healing as a complementary healing method. It can be used together with your medical healing procedure and help to boost your health faster and better. That is why; if you are looking for a healing procedure to help you in reducing inflammation and find better spiritual freedom, you can choose the Balinese healing such as a service offered by the Wiweka Healing. This healing service will make you have a better life and health condition without any drugs.

Healing session

How many sessions that you need? Actually, it is varied based on your condition. That is why; it is better and important to be opened to your therapist. Tell him about your true condition and what do you feel about yourself. Then, the therapist will do a diagnostic first to know about your precise condition. Sometimes, you can just need a session and sometimes you will need up to 3-5 sessions.

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