What is emetophobia?



what is emetophobia
what is emetophobia

What is emetophobia? Emetophobia is a pathological fear, a terrifying fear of being sick and seeing other people be sick. Well, research suggests that 4 to 5 percent of a general population have it, which means in the UK somewhere around three and a half million people – three and a half million sufferers – about ninety to ninety-five percent of which are female.

Unlike many fears, emetophobia can readily have an effect on a persons day-to-day lifestyles and finally grow to be completely debilitating. Emetophobes are very nearly petrified of their possess physique, and theres no getting away from the probability of getting sick. Any one, at any time, might be carrying round a contagious stomach virus and not realize it. Any meals could be contaminated with meals-borne ailment. Most of us reside our lives working out those lingering prospects, but dont provide them a 2d inspiration. And even if we do, have been ready to brush it off swiftly.

Emetophobes cant do the brush-off. They fear concerning the possibility of throwing upall the time. Sarcastically, the fear and nervousness over it almost always explanations digestive distress, and you probably have a medical worry of vomiting, any sensation in the stomach gets interpreted as nausea, which starts offevolved a vicious cycle of anxiousness and nausea (or perceived nausea), which results in extra anxiety, which results in more nausea.

Emetophobia is caused by a number of different thinking styles, for example things like obsessing, catastrophizing, little bit of learned helplessness, some black and white thinking. It’s also caused by strong beliefs that people have about things like vomiting and what we call disgust propensity and things like this.

What is emetophobia

Most other treatments aren’t particularly successful in treating emetophobia for a number of reasons; one emetophobics generally have quite a high social anxiety so don’t particularly like talking about it, most doctors have never heard of emetophobia; secondly the thinking styles and the belief systems and the habits surrounding it are really quite extreme and most types of therapy are far more general than that.

Hypnotherapy For Emetophobia is particularly successful because we are addressing all the issues, all the thinking styles, all the beliefs that an emetophobe has that causes their particular phobia. Also, there are some insights that cannot be found elsewhere in normal psychology or traditional CBT.