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  • Best Hypnotherapy in Bali

    Before we talk about Hypnotherapy in Bali, let me explain about hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is becoming a trend right now because this healing technique has a lot of benefits, especially for psychological health. If we are talking about Hypnotherapy, maybe most of us will think that it is about to hypnotize. Where it will be related


    Best Hypnotherapy in Bali

  • Goa Gajah

    This mysterious place just outside of Ubud houses a Hindu temple, statues, ponds and fountains from a time gone by. The Elephant Cave, also known as Goa Gajah, is an archeologically significant Hindu temple. The stone structure is believed to date back to between the 10th and 14th centuries. The history behind the temple’s name


  • Bedugul

    Bedugul is a mountain lake resort area located in the centre-north region of the island near Lake Bratan. Bedugul area enjoys a mild mountain weather due to its location at an altitude of about 1,500 metres (4,900 ft) above sea level. Therefore it could be a bit chilly. Don´t forget to bring a jacket. Major sites


  • Sukawati Art Market

    Sukawati Art Market, referred to locally as ‘Pasar Seni Sukawati’, is Bali’s most distinguished and long-standing art market. It is where you can seek and purchase distinctively Balinese art items such as paintings and sculpted wooden figures, curios, handicrafts and traditional handmade products. The two-storey Sukawati Art Market was established in the 80s and is


  • Cooking Class

    Learn Authentic Cooking Recipes from a Real Balinese Chef Each class starts with a trip to a local market. In Bali markets open early. The food markets are a great way to introduce students to Bali culture and lifestyle. The Chef will explain about Balinese tastes and customs, local meat, fish and produce, finding unique


  • Canyoning

    Tukad Yeh Lampah (River Flow) is a perfect choice for those who want to do canyoning at levels more easily and in a short time, in the trip TUKAD YEH LAMPAH you will also be spoiled by the natural atmosphere of the valley or canyon and the very charming river for adventurers activities, you will