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What is Wiweka Healing?

Wiweka Healing is a combination of Hypnotherapy, Balinese Spiritual Healing,  Intention Healing, Prana/Energy Healing, Spiritual Guidance, Metaphysical approach and Life Force Re-activation. According to the fundamental Balinese concept which is more popular called TRI HITA KARANA to improve our way and quality of life.

The meaning of Wiweka Healing.

The name “Wiweka Healing” is made up of two syllables. Wiweka is a Sanskrit word that means the power of the human mind to always be wise. Careful and thoughtful in my actions. And healing means relief from emotional distress and recovery from a disease / injury. To return to a better health condition. So, Wiweka Healing means:

A method to help people cope with emotional distress and recover from a disease or injury. To get a better health condition with the power of the human mind and life force energy. Thoughtful and action-oriented..

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Wiweka Healing represents an art of healing that is proven as a powerful alternative to the modalities of our times. The crux of my healing method lies in harnessing the wisdom of our sacred life force energy. Use resonance principles to generate a strong and natural healing energy field. Life force is a strong energy from our Creator. And it works in tandem with existing protocols we have in place since we were born. It is very effective to revive the entire body to be healthy and back to normal. Releasing blocked energies helps us feel more connected to our physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom, leading to better health. In some cases, I also use traditional massage techniques to give instant improvement on the healing process.

Wiweka Healing offers Hypnotherapy services.

In addition to its other services, Wiweka Healing specializes in the transformative power of hypnosis techniques. Hypnotherapy has been used for over 100 years to help people with issues from low self-esteem to breaking bad habits.

There are always changes in everyone and around them. We are in the middle of the ocean with so many waves of change. How will you react and what will you do then? Will you be destroyed by the change or will flow with it? Will you cope with the change, or will you be destroyed by the change? You have the option to take control of the changes yourself, which will allow you to heal your pain and focus on your life’s purpose.

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Take our role in life with hypnotherapy

We all have the potential to create change, but often don’t realize it. Sometimes we have no idea how to take control of our role. Or perhaps we did not take the opportunity provided by the surrounding environment.

Hypnotherapy is a method to reach and to reprogram your subconscious mind. When under hypnosis, you put your mind and body into a heightened state of learning.

Make you more susceptible to suggestions for self-improvement or behavior modification. The goal is to put the subconscious and conscious mind in harmony.

It helps to give you greater control over your behavior and emotions. This therapy can change habits, behavior, and personality by altering thoughts to meet needs and improve conditions.

If you want to know more about what hypnotherapy is, how it works, what is the side effect and what will you get, please CLICK HERE

Qualified and Certified Hypnotherapist


I can help you as a certified Hypnotherapist to understand your role, increase your self-awareness, and identify your needs.


WIWEKA HEALING can treat all conditions, although not everyone is eligible. Some people are more open to this treatment than others because of factors like karma and mindset. Even skeptics can receive healing and benefit from it. WIWEKA HEALING can help people in many different ways and sometimes unexpectedly.

This healing may completely cure someone (or maybe a part). May also help them to deal with their condition and to make them become more positive. It is extremely rare after someone receives healing and then saying there is no improvement afterward. And indeed many people report that they feel a great deal better.

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The Wiweka Healing method swiftly relieves and resolves any health issues you may be facing. Especially for pain like joint pain, back pain, dental pain, and migraines. For conditions like pinched nerve, neck pain, rheumatism, gout, vertigo, asthma, bronchitis, hormonal issues, and more. Besides, it has the ability to address mystical issues and negative karma. Besides black magic, negative external energy, and metaphysical phenomena.

So whatever you think about alternative healing. Wiweka Healing is an effective solution for feeling better without the need for drugs. It offers energy healing, holistic healing, and helps reduce inflammation and achieve emotional freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I meet you for the sessions?

To have sessions with me you should book an appointment at first because sometimes I’m not available.

What if we are a couple, can we do therapy at once?

I have several clients who come for special purposes related to their relationships. My recommendation for couples is: please book a consultation session at first either online or meet in person. Couples sessions is a little bit complex and I need to understand a little bit more in advance about your challenges. After the consultation, I will give my advice on how we should do it to get the best results.

What is the cost of the sessions?

I have some types of sessions and each session has different costs:

  • Offline Therapy (in person), takes 2 hours and costs US$90/person.
  • Online Therapy (via Google Meet), takes 2 hours and costs US$72/person.
  • Offline Consultation (in person), takes 2 hours and costs US$36/person.
  • Online Consultation (via Google Meet), takes 2 hours and costs US$27/person.

How to book an appointment for the sessions?

If you are interested in booking an appointment, please book an appointment based on my availability calendar. To see my availability, please visit BOOK APPOINTMENT PAGE

How should I make payment for the sessions?

Payment should be paid in advance to confirm your appointment request. Once you choose the date and time, you will be directed to make a payment using your credit card through a safe and secure payment gateway.